Eco-friendly digital testing accuracy

ITS Europe has been plunging into promotion of user-friendly digital water testing technology that provides environmentally-friendly capability and has accuracy peace of mind with NSF certification.

In the world of hot tubs and pools, ITS Europe believes that achieving and maintaining pristine water quality is both an art and a science. As such, the Salisbury-based company is proclaiming that the Safe Swim Digital Meter sets new benchmarks in water quality testing for hot tubs and pools.

One of Safe Swim’s key features is the patented reagent strips, which take water testing to a new level of intuitive simplicity. Water quality assessment becomes effortless and accessible to all, regardless of expertise. Furthermore, Safe Swim eliminates the tablet crushing step, simplifying the testing process, and reducing the risk of errors caused by floating particles.

Safe Swim meters have been meticulously designed to minimise physical contact with reagents, which also reduces the potential for errors and ensures consistently reliable water chemistry results. The packaging is also designed to protect and preserve the meter and secure it during transit.

At the core of the cutting-edge, user-friendly and environmentally-friendly solution, which was promoted by ITS Europe Sales Executive Bernard Bell-McManus at SPATEX 2024, pictured, is a commitment to achieving the ideal water balance in a hot tub or pool. Safe Swim Digital Meter proudly bears the NSF certification for accuracy, with an assurance that every measurement is precise and reliable.

With readings displayed to two decimal points, this level of detail empowers users to make informed decisions, and leaves no room for guesswork. In addition, Safe Swim adopts an eco-friendly approach by using 60 per cent fewer chemicals, without compromising accuracy.