Hot Tub Owners getting snappy for Just Hot Tubs care package prize

Just Hot Tubs is urging hot tub owners to get snappy and submit their entries in time to win a ‘Care Package’ prize that includes professional servicing with the bonus of a bottle of gin.

The WhatSpa? Approved company, which has been selling and manufacturing hot tubs since 2003 and proclaims itself to be the South West’s largest hot tub retailer, has set the deadline for owners to get snappy with photographic or video entries of their stunning hot tub set ups to be submitted before midnight on October 8, 2021  A winner will then be chosen to receive a Just Hot Tubs Care Package prize worth £250, which incorporates £199 of professional servicing and Fossil Coast Gin, along with four hot tub-friendly plastic gin glasses.

While promoting the Care Package prize to its social media followers, Just Hot Tubs is highlighting prompt availability of a wide range of designs from four brands that are being supplied at it three showroom locations in Exeter, Plymouth, and Devon. These include options from the Just Hot Tubs, Hellenic Hot Tubs, Renewal Hot Tubs, and BeWell brands.

The BeWell options include the double-lounger Winnipeg, and the Hellenic range also includes the double-lounger Mykonas, while the Renewal brand has the Alto and Rhine models that can accommodate five to six people.

A flourishing Just Hot Tubs range has dedicated designs for the hot tub holiday market and also includes the 2021 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning New Forest ‘plug & play’ model that is challenging the rise of ‘grey imports’ being promoted online in the entry-level market with its acclaimed design and affordable price.

A 2021 WhatSpa? Verdict in the sub £6,000 price category of the consumer magazine proclaims the six-seater New Forest, which incorporates a lounger seat and comes in at 200 x 200 x 80cm, as being a ‘tree-mendous bargain’.

This is due to the fact that the  price tag includes delivery, installation, full commissioning, a cover lifter and steps,  and the WhatSpa? Verdict also states that the ‘build quality is fantastic’ and that the New Forest is ‘perfect for properties with smaller spaces or restricted access, whilst still offering six very spacious seats’.

Alex Clamp

I am the trade content writer for HTR News and I also manage the social media content for HTR News. I'm currently studying a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology and in my spare time I love music production and DJing at nightclubs and live music scene events. I also enjoy keeping fit and I'm an avid sports fan.