Automated cover promotion lift off

Spa Solutions is highlighting enhanced Vortex Spas swim spa ownership with the lift off introduction promotional campaign in the UK for the ClearLift™ fully-retractable automatic swim spa cover system

The user-friendly motorised ClearLift technology was developed by Vortex Spas’ product designers in collaboration with  a team of New Zealand engineers ahead of being launched in Australia in 2023 and is now being rolled out to a UK dealer network by exclusive distributor Spa Solutions. It has been designed as an exclusive accessory of the Vortex Spas brand to take the strain out of lifting a swim spa cover, as well as enhancing the lifespan of the cover and also providing extra security peace of mind to restrict unauthorised access with a key lock system.

Dealers now have the sales and marketing boost of being able to highlight that only the Vortex Spas swim spa brand has this unique design compatibility that allows users to take advantage of the ClearLift, pictured, on their swim spa, including the 2024 WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Vortex Spas Aquagym Max Pro Plus and Vortex Spas Aqualap Pro Plus that are both equipped with the system, without requiring assistance to remove a large and heavy cover.

Rather than it being an awkward task, the system is connected to the swim spa control system and with the key inserted it then allows users to automatically take the cover off and have it folded discreetly out of sight at the side. It can then be returned back to the closed position with the one-turn smart key functionality.

“This cover is exclusive to the Vortex Spas swim spas brand and so it is a great boost for our retailer network because we believe it will certainly help attract and retain customers,” revealed Spa Solutions Managing Director Anthony Schneikert.

“We believe this will enhance sales of Vortex Spas swim spas because prospective owners will know that they can quickly gain access to their swim spa without having to worry about how to get the cover off and where to store it safely.

“This technology helps to prevent swim spa views from being restricted once the cover is taken off and, critically, also protects the cover from the traditional damage of being dragged about and left on the ground, as well as providing a key-locking safety feature to prevent unauthorised access.”

In addition to its latest WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning recognition, the Vortex Spas brand has gained 2024 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award status for the Mercury and Palladium Hydroplus hot tub designs.

Meanwhile, Vortex Spas sister brand Fisher Spas, also distributed by Spa Solutions, has achieved a 2024 WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award for the Fisher Train to add to the previous Best Buy accolade bestowed on the Fisher Swim.