Balboa gains WaterGuru technology integration

Advanced hot tub water testing technology is being incorporated into Balboa spa product options as part of a new deal with WaterGuru that is currently promoting the launch of its SENSE Series 2 device.

It follows the announcement by Helios Technologies, a global leader in engineered motion control and electronic controls technology, that its operating company Balboa Water Group has signed an agreement with WaterGuru that gives Balboa an exclusive license to integrate WaterGuru technology into its products.  Together, Balboa and WaterGuru will now be bringing to market state-of-the-art water sensing and automated solutions for the spa, plunge pool, and cold plunge pool industries.

“This collaboration brings together the unparalleled expertise and resources of both companies to drive innovation, enhance product offerings, and deliver exceptional value to customers worldwide,” revealed Helios President and Chief Executive Officer Josef Matosevic.

“By leveraging our collective strengths and capabilities, Balboa and WaterGuru are raising the standard of excellence for the hot tub and spa industry.”

Patented technology from Silicon Valley-based WaterGuru allows hot tub and spa owners to consistently attain healthy water. Incorporating this proven technology into Balboa’s industry-leading products will fully automate the monitoring of spa water chemistry, providing owners with real-time data on their mobile app.

For hot tub holiday companies, along with property and hotel managers, overseeing multiple hot tubs and spas, viewing their water data in a single dashboard is being proclaimed as a ‘game changer’ to eliminating water quality issues. Advanced features include an in-app co-pilot advisor leveraging AI against a digital twin created for every spa or pool.

“We are thrilled to partner with Balboa Water Group in this ground breaking venture,” divulged WaterGuru Chief Executive Officer Paul Fulton; “This collaboration underscores our shared dedication to fostering innovation that pushes technical boundaries in addressing long-standing spa owner concerns.

“By combining our strengths, we are creating transformative solutions that shape the future of how pool/spa owners and property managers maintain their spa water and protect their equipment.”

The SENSE Series 2 by WaterGuru, pictured, is a fully automated system that uses sensors to check and analyse the chemical parameters of the pool or hot tub’s water. It then sends that data to the WaterGuru cloud, which produces a digital twin of the water. A WaterGuru mobile app then provides owners with an analysis of the water’s chemistry, plus trends, graphs, and detailed advice on how to bring the water back into balance.

“After spending almost a decade in R&D and continually refining our system, we think the Series 2 is state of the art, and an incredibly valuable product,” revealed Paul Fulton; “Hot tub owners have been asking for a SENSE solution since we launched the Series 1.

“They know a healthy hot tub can turn unhealthy in a matter of hours without any noticeable change to the water’s appearance.”