Black Diamond Spas Derbyshire Hot Tub Showroom falls victim to Arson

The aftermath of the inferno. Image Source: Derby Telegraph

In a statement to Derbyshire Live, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue have confirmed they were alerted to the Black Diamond Spas showroom just before 12.30am on Thursday, August 12, following reports of a burning fire. Four fire crews from Chesterfield, Staveley, Dronfield and South Yorkshire’s Lowedges attended the blaze which involved 12 pallets pictured outside of the showroom.

It appears that the fire was contained to the yard of Black Diamond Spas, which is located on the Stand Park Industrial Estate in Chesterfield, just across the road from the home of Chesterfield Football Club.

Footage of the fire, shared on social media, showed huge flames and massive plumes of smoke coming from the site, with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue since confirming that the blaze outside the showroom was started deliberately.

Derbyshire Live has visited the location since the blaze was put out by fire crews and all that remains are the burnt-out and charred remains of items destroyed by the fire. There is also some black smoke damage to the outside of the showroom and it has not yet been confirmed if any hot tubs were damaged or destroyed in the fire.

HTR News is happy to report that there were no injuries caused by the blaze, and offers its best wishes to Black Diamond Spas in their road to recovery following the incident. You can find links to Black Diamond Spas below:

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