Chill tech reduction benefits

Superior Wellness Managing Director Rob Carlin has recorded lower inflammation of 22 per cent in his body and other reduction benefits after a 30-day study to assess the health impact of daily using Chill Tubs.

According to TransformNow, which provided pre-study assessment and post-study analysis, Rob’s genetic age was also revealed to be 2.5 years younger than he actually is. Some of the other key indicators that changed after daily using the cold water immersion technology include Rob’s weight. This  reduced from 77.5kg to 75.8kg, while his BMI reduced from 23.4 to 22.9, and his body fat percentage reduced from 12.8 per cent to 11.9 per cent.

Before commencing the study, Rob visited TransformNow’s Birmingham office to meet Dr Imran Khan, who launched TransformNow in 2013, and undergo a wide range of assessments to measure various body levels. These included: Inflammation Levels: C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6); Testosterone Levels: Total Testosterone Test and Free Testosterone Test; Additional Markers: Cortisol Levels, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Creatinine, Liver Function Tests and Lipid Profile and Subjective Markers.

Additional measurements included Energy Levels, Sleep Quality and Mood; Bodyfat Percentage; Expiration Lung Volume Test; Advanced Epigenetic Test; Blood Pressure Test; ECG. He also had the same series of tests by TransformNow, were taken exactly a month afterwards and at the same time of day, to compare the results.

“All markers are slightly better by a few percentage points,” divulged Dr Khan. “The study has indicated that the inflammation has decreased from 9.06 to 7.06 mg/L, a 22 per cent decrease.

“Rob’s cortisol levels have also reduced by 24.9 per cent from 533 to 400 nmol/L whilst his testosterone levels have also increased by 16 per cent from 12.20 to 14.20 nmol/L. And from the immunology tests, Rob’s Rheumatoid Factor has decreased from <10 to 9.00 and the Interleukin 6 has decreased from 4.6 to 3.2.

“Rob is at an advantage as he is already incredibly lean and trains every day.  Therefore, the results have indicated only a slight change.  If we had done the same study with someone with a different body composition who did not exercise regularly the results could have been very different.

“The study was also only for the duration of one month. If the study had been for eight weeks instead of four weeks, the results may have indicated a greater impact.

“Overall I can say that using the Chill Tub every day has indicated that it can result in minor improvements on the body.  Due to the short length of the study we can’t conclusively say that it proves it but certainly it is a very good indication.”

Before the results were disclosed, Rob, pictured, revealed that he had noticed his energy levels and recovery had improved. He also reported that he felt happier and that he was experiencing improved sleeping benefits.

“I actually enjoyed the experience,” enthused Rob;  The first few days were hard but once I got used to it, I was actually looking forward to using the Chill Tub. 

“I did notice a considerable difference in my energy levels and it certainly help with my recovery from training. I suffer from poor circulation and took a photo at the start of the study and at the end and my circulation had definitely improved.

“I also felt it improved my mental health too.  I felt much happier and positive and on average I actually slept better too.

“I would like to thank Imran and the team at TransformNow who provided me with the tests to carry out this study. I am also continuing with the ice bath journey and I am now a regular user of Chill Tubs.”