Clear Comfort reveals Next Generation of Spa Water Treatment

Clear Comfort’s all-new offering has unveiled a new dawn of spa sanitation that meets customer desires for wellness and ease of water care. With surging demand, this announcement will help spa and swim spa dealers deliver customers with better levels of intuitive, affordable and healthy water care.

“In the last 47 years of business, Clear Comfort’s AOP is the best sanitisation system we’ve found for our wooden hot tubs,” says Joe Bolger, General Manager at Gordon and Grant. “We are excited to see this technology reaching new levels of affordability and integration for all our spa customers.”

Designed for the needs of today’s spa owners, Clear Comfort’s all-new offering introduces spa care that is easier, simpler, safer and fully integrated. Additionally, the offering is designed with quality and reliability that will last the life of the spa.

“We have always strived to deliver water treatment that seamlessly fits into customers’ lifestyles and routines, not the other way around,” said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “We saw the opportunity to deliver a new level of functionality at a price point that spa owners value with all the power, effectiveness and ease of our market-leading AOP technology.”

Clear Comfort’s low-touch water care features powerful full-flow treatment, previously unseen in the spa industry. Clear Comfort’s new offering helps spa owners enjoy their spa without toxic chemical handling after every use. This new spa solution also introduces the industry’s fastest system maintenance method with a cartridge replacement that takes less than a minute annually.

Clear Comfort’s all-new offering is built to last as long as the spa and is non-corrosive, allowing spa owners to protect the longevity of surfaces and equipment. With non-corrosive water care, the new offering also minimizes chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels than drinking water. Clear Comfort’s revolutionary offering is launching with limited availability in late 2021 and general availability in early 2022 for factory integration and aftermarket installation.

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