Cold water promotion plunge

Hot tub distributors are plunging into promotions of new cold water treatment technology to provide dealers with additional products for prospective owners who are seeking multiple wellness benefits.

Spa Solutions is promoting a new British-designed Cold Tub product this year after launching it at SPATEX 2024, while a large 1 Stop Spas Trade stand at the exhibition showcased a flexible Net Spa Ice product by Poolex, Wet leisure product distribution powerhouses Certikin and Superior Wellness also provided visitors with an opportunity to become a dealer of their hot tubs and latest cold water products during the exhibition hosted at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

“Cold water products are really topical right now, with the benefits being promoted by the media and by ice bath wellness treatment advocates such as Wim Hof,” divulged Vortex Spas distributor and Spa Solutions chief Anthony Schneikert.

“So we’ve produced our own product to help dealers meet the growing demand and have something different to the traditional hot tubs in their showroom. We had some extra time at the end of last year, and so we decided to design and develop this product.

“We’ve incorporated Balboa technology that ensures the users can cool the water to 5°C, or heat it up to 40°C. It is very energy-efficient and provides a flexible solution for just under £4,995.

“Within the acrylic design, which is 90cm deep, it has the capability to accommodate multiple user sizes. Everyone was talking about it at SPATEX and we’ve already got dealers on board for it.”

Tuff Spas distributor and 1 Stop Spas Managing Director Chris Brady utilised the 1 Stop Spas Trade exhibitor platform at SPATEX to launch a semi-rigid and extremely flexible Net Spa Ice product by Poolex into the UK market.

“This product is semi-rigid and is extremely flexible to transport and assemble for cold water wellness and therapy treatment at different locations,” revealed Chris. “It is also very cost-effective and even when it is maintaining the cold or hot temperature it has very little energy consumption.

“Another key benefit is the fact that it provides multi-user occupancy capability and so you get more value for the product from under £1,500.

“Along with being an ideal accessory for specialist training of athletes, we believe it will also prove to be popular with the holiday park sector. It can easily be assembled in 15 minutes and so can be transported quickly around holiday parks and installed effortlessly for new customers to use.

“We can see the potential of providing the extra value of an additional wellness product for customers who want to experience cold water therapy.”

1 Stop Spas Business Development Manager Max Batchelor added: “We’re really excited to bring this to market, We’ve had a very good response to the launch promotion from the UK trade.

“You do not have to be a dealer of our other products to supply the Net Spa Ice in your showroom.”

Certikin, which used SPATEX 2024 to showcase its new Avon Collection from the Valet Spas range that is named after the Latin meaning of ‘I am healthy’ and produced by Wellis, also promoted the Frosty Cold Plunge technology by Harvia during its multiple exhibitor stand presence at SPATEX 2024.

The oval-shaped Harvia Frosty Cold Plunge has been designed to comfortably accommodate two people, and the water temperate can be adjusted to as low as 4°C. It is supplied with an insulated cover to maintain the desired temperature energy-efficiently and improve safety by ensuring children can be excluded from the cold water.

“The benefit of supplying an extremely large range of wellness products, such as our new Valet Spas options and the Harvia Frosty Cold Plunge product, is that our trade customers can provide their clients with a wide choice of products to complement their pool or hot tub installations and all of them conveniently from a single source supplier that provides professional support for all its products,” reported Certikin Marketing Manager Chris Green.

Meanwhile, Superior Wellness has touched down with Leeds Rhinos for a new partnership, pictured, to utilise its Chill Tubs during the 2024 Betfred Super League season after promoting the technology at SPATEX 2024.

The Chesterfield-based Platinum Spas distributor launched Chill Tubs last year during SPATEX 2023 and also helped to showcase the cold water technology to ITV’s ‘This Morning’ viewers last year ahead of the SPATEX 2024 promotion. The new partnership with Leeds Rhinos has so far resulted in two Chill Tubs being installed at the rugby team’s training complex for all players to support their recovery post-training and game recovery.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chill Tubs into our family of partners here at Leeds Rhinos,” revealed Leeds Rhinos Business Development Manager Ben Turnbull.

“We recognise the importance of recovery to support player wellness and performance, and the addition of Chill Tubs will help massively in this area. The players already love them, and we’re excited to see how this partnership grows.”

As part of the partnership, Superior Wellness will also be proudly donating five per cent to the Leeds Hospitals Charity Appeal for the Rob Burrow Centre for MND from every Chill Tubs sale directly from the Leeds Rhinos.

“We are delighted to team up with Leeds Rhinos and help support their recovery,” said Superior Wellness Head of Marketing Sarah Elphick.

“The benefits of using a Chill Tub includes reducing muscle soreness, improving recovery time, decreasing inflammation and improving circulation – all of which will help the team.”