Diving into swimming charity fundraising

Certikin is diving into fundraising after teaming up with a swimming charity that supports young people with disabilities to access one to one swimming opportunities and start their Learn 2 Swim journey.

After marking its 60th anniversary year at SPATEX 2023, Certikin has commenced a fundraising campaign via in-house staff activities for Level Water. Its initial target is to raise £3,750 which will enable the charity to provide 250 lessons, with one lesson for one child costing around £15. As a company, Certikin have agreed to match the money raised, thus doubling the number of lessons to 500.

Level Water’s mission is to secure time and training in a leisure centre/pool coupled with the provision of Level 2 swimming teachers for 1:1 lessons for children with disabilities. Once the facility is on-board, they use their database and Level Water’s contacts within the local community to make them aware these specialised lessons are now available.

If the young person meets the criteria, they are then passed to the centre/pool to book the lesson. The time in the water is given free of charge and the cost of the lesson is split between the parents and Level Water, depending on individual circumstances. Fundraising is used to support the cost of these lessons.

“We are thrilled to partner with Level Water to help change the lives of young people who typically wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience the huge health and safety benefit, not to mention the joy, of learning to swim,” revealed Certikin Marketing Manager Chris Green.

“There is a lot of work to be done, both in securing funding and in bringing wider recognition of the charity to swimming schools, leisure centres, and the like.

“Prior to the pandemic Level Water were offering 20,000 lessons to 500 children in approximately 90 pools. Due to pool closures, 150 of these children are still waiting to access lessons and, in addition, there are a further 2,000 children on a waiting list.

“There is a natural synergy between Certikin, our customers and Level Water. If you own, or operate, a wet leisure facility (large or small) please consider timetabling some free time in the pool for a disabled child to receive a lesson. If you’re a pool dealer, we urge you to join us in fundraising and supporting this worthy charity. Please do contact me, or the charity, if you require any further information.”

Head of Programmes for Level Water Matthew Maguire revealed that the charity was exited by the prospect of increasing swimming lesson opportunities, pictured, with fundraising support from Certikin, which has been promoting a new agreement with Wellis to supply HSG282 compliant holiday hot tub models that were showcased during SPATEX 2023 at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

“Level Water are delighted to be working with Certikin and have the support of such a fantastic organisation,” said Matthew; “Our mission is to instil a lifelong love of water in every young person and ensure all children have the opportunity to learn to swim in a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment.

“We are incredibly grateful for the fundraising efforts from Certikin, but equally excited about the possibility of growing our partnership and being able to increase the number of young people benefiting from life changing swimming lessons.”