‘Doc’ reports shocking treatments

News7Hot Tub Solutions service engineer Matt Herbert has called for the wet leisure industry to prevent customers from witnessing unqualified personnel getting a nasty shock while trying to conduct repairs.

This year Scotland-based Matt, who is known as the Hot Tub Doctor, has come across a particularly shocking example of what can happen when hot tub servicing requirements are undertaken by someone who lacks the appropriate knowledge to safely provide the correct diagnosis and treatment.

“I’ve come across an example this year of someone who has gone out to look at a hot tub and been given a nasty electrical shock that made them scream out in pain, because they didn’t know what they were doing,” revealed Matt.

“We should ideally have industry standards in place to ensure that there is consistency in safety levels.

“If retailers are servicing hot tubs then they
need to have the required knowledge to
safely do so. If they don’t have experience then they should look to bring in the services of a qualified service engineer.”


Nick Clamp

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