Doric launches Money Marketing Masterclass

Industry Guru Dorian Davies, Managing Director of Doric Marketing has launched a comprehensive ‘how to guide’ to steer wet leisure business owners through the mystique of modern marketing techniques.

Money Marketing Masterclass_Pg1The Money Marketing Masterclass reveals a ten-step integrated marketing process that is tried and tested and has been successfully implemented by many of Doric Marketing‘s growing army of clients.

Dorian revealed to HTR, “New technology has completely transformed the way that sales and marketing activity is now conducted and small and medium sized businesses have been slower than blue-chip companies to exploit the opportunities available.

“If you are baffled by terms such as PPC, SEO, Social Media engagement, CRM, Autoresponders etc etc, this free document is a must-read. It gives a straight forward explanation of the main ‘pillars’ of modern marketing and will help every business owner to understand how and where they can improve their marketing, sales and profitability.”

To download a FREE copy of the Money Marketing Masterclass visit

Nick Clamp

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