Endless Pools promotion during Piscine Global

Hot tub manufacturing giant Watkins Wellness highlighted its aquatic fitness credentials by promoting the acquisition of the Endless Pools brand and its enhanced technology to the wet leisure trade audience during Piscine Global.

Since the purchase of the Endless Pools brand by the world’s leading hot tub producer, with HotSpring, Caldera Spas, Freeflow and Fantasy Spas in its manufacturing stable, the design has been enhanced with modern features and cutting-edge technology both outside and within the new Endless Pools Fitness Systems that was promoted to prospective dealers throughout the four-day Piscine Global event in Lyon.

It was the first time that the iconic USA manufacturer, which is a part of Masco Corporation, had been able to use the Piscine Global platform to publicise the enhanced Endless Pools line that it purchased to expand its line of personal well-being products into the aquatic fitness category, and so opening fresh channels of distribution and access to a new customer base.

“Endless Pools is a perfect fit within our long-term strategic plan,” said Watkins Wellness President Steve Hammock.

“The Endless Pools management team has done an outstanding job of innovating, developing differentiated solutions, and building and managing a leading consumer brand.”

Double Olympic triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee MBE is a high-profile advocate of Endless Pools and the power of the acquatic technology with the results that can be achieved when you combine the use of a pedigree swim spa and hydrotherapy with traditional training routines.

Alistair, who picked up a second successive triathlon Olympic Gold medal in Rio this summer revealed that he is delighted with the benefit that the Endless Pools has given him when he is prevented from completing outdoor training runs.

endless-pools-brownlee-brothers-demonstrating-pictureIn preparation for the Olympic Games in Brazil, Alistair, pictured seated, and his brother and fellow world champion triathlete Jonny, pictured exercising, had been heavily using and promoting the Endless Pools technology, as well as highlighting their specialist model in their home county of Yorkshire.

“I use it to build up my fitness without doing exercise outside,” said Alistair, who followed up his London 2012 Olympic Games victory with a Commonwealth Games Gold in Glasgow to add to his ever-increasing triathlon honours list and incredible achievements, which also include European and World Championships titles.

The fiercely competitive brothers hit the headlines throughout the world in September after Alistair came to the rescue of Jonny who was suffering from heat stroke during the final stages of the Triathlon World Series in Mexico.

At the time Alistair was level with South African Henri Schoeman for second place but with roughly 1km to go he passed up the opportunity for personal glory to help his brother across the finishing line and prevent a serious health problem.

“I’m very grateful to Alistair for helping to get me across the line,” said Jonny. “I’ve been told I looked drunk!”

Jonny, who finished second behind Alistair in Rio to land the triathlon Olympic Silver Medal, divulged that even when he has suffered injuries in the past the Endless Pools facility in Leeds has allowed him to maintain hours of training to ease him back into his normal schedule.

“When I was injured I could still get the hours in,” divulged Jonny. “I’m still getting that fitness in.”

With the strong development and promotion of the brand during the past year, the Watkins Wellness team have proved that they are committed to attracting the next generation of owners as Endless Pools President and founder James Murdock predicted when the new ownership deal was completed.

“The addition of Endless Pools to the Watkins family adds a premium, complementary brand to an already superior product mix,” said James.

“The two organisations are certain to benefit from a shared vision of the important health and fitness benefits we want to promote and the consumer experience we want to provide.”