Entrapment investigation launched by BISHTA

An entrapment investigation has been launched by BISHTA ahead of annual networking dates that will focus on hot tub safety while a boy is recovering from near-fatal use of his family’s second-hand model.

Following the potentially fatal entrapment that resulted in a boy’s family fighting for his life, BISHTA has issued a statement to announce that it has commenced an investigation into the incident and is informing current and prospective hot tub owners and users that entrapment cases are ‘incredibly rare’ when a well-maintained hot tub from a respected manufacturer is being used.

BISHTA became aware of the entrapment incident after Alex Williams posted a message on Facebook of an account of the injuries sustained to his son, Harry, following the use of a hot tub during a family gathering. The Facebook post from August states that Harry had been sucked under by a filter outlet within the tub.

It has been reported that this filter outlet within the hot tub is covered partially, but a large rectangular hole takes in the water and sends it to the filter, and Harry was sucked into this outlet and could not escape. As soon as this occurred family members immediately rushed to Harry’s assistance, and it took three men to release him from the suction despite the tub being immediately turned off.

Harry was unconscious when he was pulled out of the hot tub and CPR was commenced before he was airlifted to Birmingham Children’s hospital where he was monitored over a period of days before returning home where he is said to be making a ‘brilliant recovery’.

After Harry’s father highlighted that children playing in water should be monitored at all time BISHTA reported that it was appalled at Harry’s injuries and glad that the quick thinking and exemplary medical intervention have created a positive outcome.

In a statement BISHTA said: “Along with wishing Harry a very speedy recovery, BISHTA is working with relevant parties to look into how and why this incident has and could have occurred.

“BISHTA reassures hot tub owners and users that it is incredibly rare that a well-made and well-maintained hot tub can cause entrapment. Hot tubs imported into the UK must comply with strict British and European standards to ensure that they are safe for bathers and comply with the relevant European standards (such as BS EN 17125 and BS EN 60335-2-60).”

As part of its initial investigation into the incident, BISHTA has ascertained the history of the hot tub in question and revealed that it was initially sold to the first owner in 2015 and was then sold privately to the current owner as a used/second-hand product.

For many years consumer magazine WhatSpa? has been advising prospective hot tub owners to purchase products from respected BISHTA members and WhatSpa? Approved showroom dealerships that will provide professional guidance and support to ensure maximum safety for users and to avoid entrapment incidents from poorly manufactured hot tubs.

Now, as part of its investigation into the entrapment incident, BISHTA has once again stressed that the design of hot tubs used in domestic homes should not allow any suction entrapment to occur and is now trying to establish if there have been any modifications conducted on the offending hot tub.

Within its statement BISHTA has revealed: “It is currently unclear whether the hot tub had parts missing, defective parts, or a maintenance issue and if it was sold to the new owner with any of these issues. BISHTA is liaising with the hot tub owner and Harry’s parents to carry out a full inspection of the hot tub to shed more insight into how this incident could occur.

“BISHTA will work with the family and owner to ensure that the hot tub is safe for use and identify any potential issues. This incident is a timely reminder about the purchase of used/second-hand hot tubs and buying from reputable sources to ensure the hot tub has been well-maintained and is in safe working order.”

Hot tub safety and an allegation of a hot tub implicated in a bather having a leg amputated will be discussed within the topics being covered during the BISHTA Information and Networking Days in October. These will take place on October 5, at 4 Eastgate House, Andover; and October 19 at Whitby’s Restaurant, Doncaster.


Alex Clamp

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