Fastest-growing ranking for Superior Wellness

Superior Wellness has been ranked 18th in an annual list that reveals Britain’s fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the country where the founder or founders are still involved. 

The newly-released FEBE Annual Growth 100 list highlighted the fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the country, while Superior Wellness has reported that it has been in a fortunate position to experience a monumental level of growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company noticed an incline in demand for hot tubs and other wellness related products during the pandemic which spearheaded the growth.

FEBE reports that: “There are 4.2m private companies in the UK. Just one per cent or 45,000 of these are considered ‘high growth’ and Superior Wellness is now included in the Growth 100 list.”

During the past decade Superior Wellness has rapidly evolved to lead the market as the world’s fastest-growing hot tub manufacturer, by creating premium, high quality products focused on improving health and well-being.

In 2021 Superior Wellness moved into its new headquarters in Chesterfield and this year opened a dedicated 10,000 sq. ft showroom, pictured. with training facilities. The team headcount has also doubled to almost 70.

This team now works with a global partner network of over 200 hot tub retailers across 16 countries. Last year alone, 72 partners joined the Superior Wellness network and 32 of these were international accounts. The company is now focusing on new USA territory growth following the recruitment of two dedicated sales managers based in America.

Managing Director Rob Carlin has thanked the Superior Wellness team and its partner network after highlighting the hard work involved to achieve such significant growth.

“We were so proud when we heard the news that Superior Wellness had made it onto the Growth 100 list,” revealed Rob; “We ranked 18th in Britain for the fastest-growing companies privately owned businesses. 

“This is such an incredible achievement for us as a company and a real accolade to the team and their hard work. 

“I would like to extend my thanks to all the Superior Wellness team and our partner network for making this possible.”