FilterGuard launch at SPATEX 2024

Darlly Europe is utilising its SPATEX 2024 exhibitor presence as a platform to launch a new eco-friendly filter cleaning system called FilterGuard.

Research and development team members at Darlly have worked for over a year on an innovative approach to maintaining spa and pool filters to ensure maximum lifespan at the lowest cost and minimum effort. From this initiative the FilterGuard system has been developed with four steps that work together, using fewer chemicals and recyclable materials, which are affordable.

A modified ‘Cyclone’ cleaning brush now includes a mixing reservoir that automatically dispenses a cleaning liquid. Darlly have also developed a revolutionary pack of fast-dissolving cleaning sheets that incorporate active enzymes for deep cleaning. These sheets are eco-friendly and do not contain any plastics or chemicals.

Additionally, there is a purpose-built, space-saving filter cleaning bucket, suitable for 90 per cent of all known filters, which can hang on the wall.

“Since hot tubs arrived in Europe, cleaning filters has always been a chore, and our new product aims to change that,” declared the development project leader Dominic Moseley.

He also revealed that another team member has received excellent feedback through reviews and responses to his articles and videos on a dedicated Filter Care blog, which provides articles and videos on how to care for filters. 

“Darlly likes to be the first to introduce innovative products,” said Dominic.

“FilterGuard is no exception; this is a real first within our industry, and we are very excited to release it!” 

Unprecedented sales from the success of Darlly’s Sanistream filter design was rewarded last year with Darlly becoming the inaugural recipient of The Peter Newbery Award for UK Innovation during the expanded 2023 BISHTA Awards during the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards ceremony.

Following the first day of SPATEX 2024, running from February 6 to 8, the 2024 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards will be hosted by BISHTA and SPATA during the Industry Gala Evening at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

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