Get your projects recognised

With the 2014 season upon us, it is vital that pool and hot tub retailers ‘sing from the roof’ about the work that they have completed in 2013, says Nick Clamp, Editor-in-Chief of WhatSpa? Media Group.

Welsh Hot Tubs Photo“With competition from Internet sellers hotting up, bricks and mortar outlets really need to ‘up their game’ by demonstrating exactly what services and credentials they have to offer that will set them apart from some of the ‘stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap’ Internet brigade,” says Nick.

“If you have some amazing installation photography for completed hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool projects, forward them to our editorial team today, along with a brief description of the job, and we will consider them for inclusion in our line of consumer magazine titles for 2014.”

Email all photography to

Nick Clamp

I am the Editor-in-Chief at WhatSpa? Media Group and my job is to keep you informed about the very latest hot tubs on the UK market... the best job in the world! When I'm not being deluged with press releases and hot tub brochures I enjoy keeping fit and participating in endurance events including triathlons and distance running.