Harvia steams ahead after Sauna-Eurox stone deal

Global sauna giant Harvia has purchased Sauna-Eurox Oys to turn the heat up on its status in the international market by tapping into a new supply of thermal durability sauna stones.

Sauna-Eurox is the world’s leading sauna stones manufacturer with over three decades of experience and hand selects its stones from natural sources close to its headquarters in Luvia, Finland. The new partnership with new parent company Harvia, which was founded in 1950 by Tapani Harvia and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of sauna heaters and the market leader in the Finnish sauna heater sector, will now ensure it is full steam ahead for increased production capacity by ensuring enhanced availability of sauna stones.

News of the acquisition coincides with Harvia supplier Certikin promoting an extension of its range of saunas with the new Variant View option by Harvia. This modern sauna design incorporates large glass walls on the front of the sauna to allow more natural light to enter and as a result create a more open and spacious feeling for occupants.

Caldera Spas and Fantasy Spas distributor Certikin has reported that the Variant View sauna provides user-friendly installation capability and owners have the choice of installing benches on either side of the sauna. The interior and exterior walls are made of spruce, while aspen has been utilised for the benches.

There is also an option to add DMX controlled lighting to provide Variant View users with full control of colour and brightness in the Variant View saunas.

Additional Harvia saunas currently being promoted by Oxfordshire-based Certikin, which is a subsidiary of Fluidra, include the Harvia Rubic model. This sauna option is notable for utilising metal, wood, and glass within its design.



Alex Clamp

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