Heatstar Phoenix top performer

Heatstar has today announced that it will be showcasing its Pheonix EC heat recovery and environmental control unit as it’s ‘star’ attraction at the NEC UKPSE.

Heatstar Phoenix ECHeatstar claims that the Phoenix EC is gaining industry plaudits because it combines two different technologies to achieve “unrivalled heat recovery performance”.

The expelled warm room air is first passed through the dehumidifying heat pump to enable “active” heat extraction and then through a large “Cross Flow” plate heat recuperator, where remaining heat within the air is passively conducted, via a series of adjoining plates, directly to the incoming colder fresh air.

The combined effect of utilising both the active heat extraction by the dehumidifying heat pump and the passive heat recovery of the recuperator, can “enhance” the heat saved from the expelled air to over 90% dry and over 140% if also including allowance for latent recovery.

All newly designed UK pool projects need to comply with the minimum standards stipulated by Part F of the latest building control regulations. The Phoenix is purpose designed to exceed these strenuous standards and ensure legal compliance.

Pool trade professionals who are looking for their projects to incorporate the very latest heat recovery and quality environmental control units that exceed regulation standards should visit Heatstar’s stand (318) and see the new Phoenix EC pool energy technology systems

For further information contact Heatstar on 01983 521465 or email info@heatstar.com or visit www.heatstar.com

Nick Clamp

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