Hot eco-friendly drinks from SPATEX host

SPATEX host venue Coventry Building Society Arena has partnered with local supplier Purple Planet Packaging to serve hot drinks more sustainably

The CBS Arena is introducing 200,000 eco-friendly, branded 12 oz cups for teas and coffees at all events and has reported that this is a significant step in the commitment to reducing single-use plastics and supporting local businesses. It is estimated that the venue uses more than 800,000 cups on average over the course of a year and the new cups, which feature Coventry Building Society Arena branding, are now available for teas and coffees at outlets across the venue for football matches, conferences, exhibitions, and live entertainment.

This is the latest product introduced by the CBS Arena as part of its venue-wide sustainability initiative, which has already seen the elimination of single-use plastics across all operations. The CBS Arena, which hosted the record-breaking SPATEX 2024, will now be working with its waste management partner Go Green to recycle all of the new plastic-lined cups for hot drinks.

“We are committed to working with local suppliers such as Purple Planet Packaging; which helps us to continue reducing our emissions and carbon footprint as a venue, while also contributing positively to the local economy,” explained CBS Arena Head of Supply and Sustainability Tom Davies.

“Purple Planet Packaging have excellent green credentials and offers a great sustainable solution for our branded 12 oz hot cups.

“We’re proud to be working with another local business to provide a high-quality product to our customers.” 

Purple Planet Packaging, which is based at Severn Stars Industrial Estate, is less than five miles from the CBS Arena and supplies sustainable food and drinks packaging to a range of industries, including across the leisure and hospitality sector.

The company was bought by Mark and Joanna Farr in 2019 and has seen significant growth over the last five years, with turnover growing from £120,000 to £1.36million. The new deal with Coventry Building Society Arena signals the next stage in the company’s growth.

“This deal marks a huge step in our growth and as a proud Coventry company we are delighted to be working with Coventry Building Society Arena,” divulged Mark.

“We have been in conversations with the venue for around 18 months, and now due to our fast growth and upward trajectory, we are able to deliver to their requirements.

“By working with our established network of manufacturers we are able to provide a custom-branded product for the Arena, which is also sustainable and able to be recycled.

“It’s a testament to Coventry Building Society Arena that they are committed to working with local suppliers like us and we look forward to continuing to grow the relationship.”

SPATEX 2025 is scheduled to be hosted by the CBS Arena from February 4 to 6.  For more information or for exhibitor bookings details contact: or telephone: +44 (0) 1264 358558.