Hot Tub Barn opens brand new Nantwich & Bicester-based Showrooms

A View of Hot Tub Barns Sevenoaks Showroom

The main UK distributor of high-quality Riptide hot tubs and pools has recently added the Cheshire and Oxfordshire locations to its collection of nine showrooms, and is keen to welcome new dealers wanting to tap into the extremely buoyant UK market. 

The new showrooms have been opened at two highly prestigious Blue Diamond retail centres following careful consideration of several sites and on the back of an exceptionally strong period of sales growth in the last 18 months. Each site has been built from the ground up and mirrors the standard Hot Tub Barn model of offering both wet tubs and pools for customer testing alongside a wide range of dry models for viewing. Since first entering the market as one of the very first UK spa dealers in 1996 the company has been selling premium tubs and pools from its headquarters site in Chelmsford Essex since 1996, and has additional wholly owned showrooms in AshfordSevenoaks, Farnham, Southend, Kings Lynn, and Cambridge.

Hot Tub Barn UK General Manager, Shane Davies, describes recent market developments and the opportunities for new Riptide dealers: “The UK spa and pool market has seen extraordinary growth in the last 18 months, and we’ve certainly enjoyed our share of that. Unfortunately, the increased customer demand has seen a lot of new market entrants importing very poor-quality products. At Riptide we have worked hard to make sure that we distance ourselves from this end of the market by highlighting our use of highest quality North American Acrylics and electronics, pointing to our market leading 8-year warranties, and developing awareness of those things we do, particularly in the pool sector that no one else does, such as the ridiculously impressive 9 metre Athena swim spa which is shaped like a yacht. 

“We currently sell via our owned showrooms, a network of third-party dealers, and through joint operators, a unique proposition that allows for costs and profits to be shared, lowering the amount of capital required at start-up. We are always interested in hearing from potential partners who have a genuine interest in tapping into the premium end of the UK spa market and offer the sales, back office and marketing support you would expect.”

More Information can be found from Hot Tub Barn’s website linked below:

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