Hot tub distributor supplying swim spas

Specialist hot tub distributor and Spa Crest Europe chief Tony Welsby used his SPATEX exhibitor platform this week to announce a new deal to supply swim spas for the British market from Florida-based Premium Leisure.

Wigan-based Tony secured the distribution deal just before the 20th anniversary edition of SPATEX opened its doors to visitors at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on Sunday. Spa Crest Europe will now have swim spa options available for dealers, along with the WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Spa Crest options and Tuff Spas ranges of hot tubs.

“We just managed to sort out the deal before SPATEX to supply swim spas from Premium Leisure,” said Tony. “We’re really excited to be linking up with a manufacturer that we know very well and is very respected in the industry.

“It’s still only very early in the process, though, and at this stage we’ve got to start off by getting our heads round the range of swim spa options that we’re now going to be supplying to British dealer to promote in their showrooms.

“Initially we’ll probably be just bringing over a couple of swim spas to start off with and then build up orders for those and the other models that are currently available from Premium Leisure.

“The benefit for us is that we’re going to use our relationship with Spa Crest in the USA to transport their hot tubs to us in any partially-filled containers of swim spas from Premium Leisure. So there will be a significant cost saving that we can take advantage of.”

During SPATEX Tony also promoted the fact that the wide range of Spa Crest hot tubs, which incorporate carbon fibre spa shell design features, have been enhanced with new insulation. The USA manufacturer will now include the environmentally-friendly EcoSpray Bio 2.0 insulation technology in all of its 2016 models including the revamped Coastal range that has the 2015 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Hatteras in its stable.

“This is a very good addition to the Spa Crest manufacturing process as it helps to ensure a much lower carbon footprint,” said Tony.

“We have still got key areas that we are targeting for prospective dealers to come on board and we believe the enhanced Spa Crest range will be an attractive proposition.”

Last year during SPATEX, Tony and his team had a video showing Tuff Spas from the Arizona-based manufacturer being dropped from a crane to illustrate that they live up to their name and reputation of being a high-quality range of robust roto-moulded hot tubs, which have a lifetime warranty on their shells.

Since then Tony and his dealers have gained an immediate impact with the Tuff Spa models, after being boosted with a WhatSpa? Best Buy Award for the TT650 model and later gaining an extension to the distribution deal from the manufacturer during the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas.

Tuff Spas President David Midkiff, who is pictured between Tony and Carole Darbyshire at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo, reported that the manufacturer was delighted with the UK launch and the sales performance in the first year. A new seven-seater TT450 Tuff Spa model has now been introduced to the options for dealers after being launched at the 20th edition of SPATEX.

“The original deal was for a year and now it’s been extended due to the success we’ve achieved in that time,” said Tony. “We’re delighted to be continuing with distributing this brand. It’s very rugged and its distinctive cover, which has a lifetime guarantee, has proved really popular with dealers and their customers during the past year.

“It’s certainly worked out very well for us since we introduced the Tuff Spas brand to the market at SPATEX last year and we’re delighted to be promoting the launch of an additional model to the range for this year.”

The Spa Crest Europe exhibition team also promoted the Brand2Go scheme during SPATEX that allows retailers to incorporate their exclusive branding of USA manufactured hot tubs and Tony reported that it was becoming popular with pool companies.

“Our Brand2Go scheme has been running for four years now and it has helped to attract pool dealers to supply one or more of our 11 options of hot tubs,” said Tony. “It allows them to use their own distinctive branding so that they can tie it in with any promotion with their company history and reputation in the market.”

 To find out more details about the Spa Crest hot tubs, Tuff Spas models or new swim spa options from Premium Leisure call Tony Welsby at Spa Crest Europe on 0844 871 8730, or email