Hot Tub Retailer Interviews #3 – Martyn Winstone, Master Spas UK National Sales Manager

In the third of a new series of Hot Tub Retailer interviews, Master Spas UK National Sales Manager Martyn Winstone discusses the advantages of forward thinking production and brand management strategies to ensure the launch success of a new UK-wide dealer network.

Manufacturing giant Master Spas is marking its 25th anniversary this year with forward thinking preparation with plans in place to ensure continued progress and an even greater share of the global wet leisure retailing sector. Top of the agenda in the UK market has been the launch and promotion of a dedicated Master Spas UK dealer network that has gained an immediate hot reception from established and flourishing newly-established retailers.

In a stroke of incredible fortune for Master Spas, one of the UK’s most experienced hot tub and swim spa national sales managers became available at the time the manufacturing powerhouse was seeking to expand its presence in the British consumer and business market, with products that include 2021 WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning options and the dedicated WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning HSG282 compliant Master Spas Getaway Lodge designs for the UK’s holiday park sector.

Former Jacuzzi National Sales Manager Martyn Winstone is now utilising his vast experience and knowledge of the wet leisure sector and hot tub holiday market as Master Spas UK National Sales Manager, which includes the successful Blackpool-based The Hot Tub Superstore Group and has been attracting leading retailing dealerships to its ranks in the first half of this year.

Martyn is excited about his latest challenge to help a new dealer network promote 2021 WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning products and says: “This was an ideal way for me to continue to utilise my experience of the wet leisure market rather than moving to another sector when my time with Jacuzzi ended. I really couldn’t have wished for a better opportunity than this. It really feels like all of the right components are in place for future Master Spas prosperity.”

With Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps on board as an iconic ambassador of his hot tub and swim signature ranges, Martyn believes the Master Spas brand awareness will grow rapidly in the British wet leisure product sector following the launch of the Master Spas UK dealer network initiative. This is being supported with a pledge to ramp up productivity and increase staffing levels to cope with extra demand for hot tubs and swim spas.

“Many manufacturers have been caught out by the COVID-19 pandemic and production processes have been heavily hit by restrictions of their suppliers and they are ‘firefighting’ these difficulties. Master Spas, meanwhile, are becoming more self-sufficient with their ‘in-house’ manufacturing processes and are massively increasing productivity to meet extra demand for hot tubs and swim spas. Lead times are currently between 12 and 16 weeks, which are lower than everyone else’s.

“An amazing team, with an extremely forward thinking mentality, is driving this positive production and brand enhancement process. For example, during the pandemic Master Spas have instigated a massive recruitment campaign with 200 more staff now increasing the USA-based production and supply process. A new USA warehouse facility has also been created to store even greater quantities of swim spas.

“These actions have provided experienced and some newly-established dealers in the UK with the confidence to join The Hot Tub Superstore Group in retailing the Master Spas product range as part of a national network. They realise that the Master Spas management team are certainly not resting on their laurels after becoming the leading swim spa manufacturer and enhancing its hot tub brand status in the international market with phenomenal achievements in just 25 years. There is now so much extra positivity about the brand.

“That’s why, in a short time, we’ve recruited ten new dealers for the Master Spas UK network. They know that this is an incredible opportunity to be teaming up with a global swim spa and hot tub manufacturing leader that is taking positive action to ensure higher productivity and enhanced supply chain provision.

“Some of these dealers have newly-launched showroom locations to exclusively promote the Master Spas brand because they are so confident in its status and future within the hot tub and swim spa market. It’s certainly an exciting time for Master Spas and its UK dealers.

“Combining the global brand strength with the forward thinking production and delivery processes that are being implemented, I’m extremely confident Master Spas will increase its market share and gain UK sales success with its new nationwide dealer network.”