Hot tub services lift off

Hot tub and swim spa specialist company Aqua Warehouse Group is ramping up promotion of its Aqua Spa Supplies services ahead of UK-based exhibitions to increase its presence in the wet leisure accessories trade supply market.

Following on from successful exhibitor outings at the UK Pool & Spa Expo and SPATEX in the West Midlands earlier this year, Aqua Spa Supplies is now preparing to give hot tub and swim spa retailers a further lift this autumn and winter with further exhibition appearances to highlight its extensive product range that includes hot tub and swim spa cover lifters as well as innovative accessories and gadgets.

Aqua Spa Supplies Covana Legend CS1000 Swimspa Cover PictureSpecialist cover lifts from Aqua Spa Supplies include the Covana Legend CS 1000, pictured, which is featured in the Hot Products section of the recently published 2015 edition of WhatSwimSpa?, which has bestowed WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Awards to the L.A Spas In-Fit 13 SL and Vita Spa XL4 swim spa models in the under £14,999 price bracket; and Vita Spa XSP in the £15,000 to £22,499 price category. These are all exclusively distributed to the UK’s respective L.A Spas and Vita Spa dealerships by Aqua Warehouse Group chief Richard Hart.

The wet leisure powerhouse distributor has also celebrated achieving a ‘six pack’ of successive WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards in the £4,000 to £5,999 price bracket for the five-seater Vita Spa Elegant model; which comes in at 211 x 200 x 94cm; and a second successive Best Buy in the £6,000 to £7,9999 price band for the best-selling six-seater Vita Spa Prestige, which comes in at 211 x 211 x 97cm. He has also gained an additional boost for his L.A Spas dealer network with a Best Buy Award in the £4,000 to £5,999 price range for the six-seater Belmar LX; which comes in at 211 x 211 x 89cm and incorporates the unique Aqua Klean washable filtration bags.

During the double exhibition appearances in the West Midlands, Richard and his team heavily promoted their growing status in the UK market and the Covana Legend CS 1000 swim spa automated swim spa cover was rolled out for the group’s third successive appearance at the UK Pool & Spa Expo. The cutting-edge product is part of the blossoming Aqua Spa Supplies crop of specialist hot tub cover lifts, including the ASC-2 motorised spa cover lift system from Auto Spa Cover.

Other cover lift accessories supplied by Aqua Spa Supplies include the Aqua Lift Roller, Aqua Lift 1 and 2, Aqua Lift EZ, Covermate Easy, Covermate 1, 2 and 3, Covermate 1 Eco and Covermate 3 Eco, as well as the Covermate Freestyle for round hot tubs.

Now that awareness of Aqua Spa Supplies is growing and its wide range of wet leisure accessories and cover options are becoming popular with the trade, customers have John Mabey to thank for the streamlined efficiency in ensuring stock levels are maintained and orders are processed for next day delivery.

John has been involved with the Aqua Warehouse Group for seven years and has now found a role he thoroughly enjoys, having had a taste of hot tub sales with the Vita Spa brand. Now the UK hot tub and swim spa distribution powerhouse is also exclusively responsible for the L.A Spas dealer network, which has also been added to the flourishing Group’s portfolio that will once again be heavily promoted during the fourth edition of the UK Pool & Spa Expo at the NEC in November.

“I’ve been involved with the hot tub sales side of the Aqua Warehouse Group business but I’m enjoying my Aqua Spa Supplies warehouse management duties, which I’ve been undertaking for nearly two years,” said John; “I find hot tub and wet leisure accessories much more fun!

“We’ve got a very good relationship with our customers and they know they have very little to worry about because of the way we run our Aqua Spa Supplies operation so professionally and efficiently.

“In the past we may have been one of the best kept secrets in the industry but now we are heavily promoting the fact that we are running a smooth operation for the wet leisure industry to benefit from.”

With two successful West Midlands-based exhibitions under his belt, which included the Aqua Spa Supplies promotion of a free cover lifter with every trade order over £300, John is now gearing up for the autumn period with existing and the newly acquired hot tub dealership customers to serve, following the increased marketing activities for the wet leisure supplies service.

This includes a new wine cooler holder that has just been introduced into its blossoming wet leisure accessories range called the ‘Grip O Cooler’, which is featured in the Hot Products section of the 2015 edition of WhatSpa?

Designed to keep Champagne and wine bottles cool, as well as up to four glasses secure, the Grip-O Cooler is a large bottle holder and insulator with eight suction feet. These are designed to stick to smooth surfaces such as fibreglass gelcoat, hot tubs, plexiglass, glass, metal or any smooth non-porous surface.

“In the past Aqua Spa Supplies may have been one of the best kept secrets in the industry but now we are heavily promoting the fact that we are running a smooth operation for the wet leisure industry to benefit from,” revealed John.

“Our presence as an exhibitor at the UK Pool & Spa Expo and SPATEX has helped to increase awareness about our services for the hot tub and wet leisure trade and our guaranteed next day free delivery for orders over £50 is proving popular with our customers.

“We are committed to maintaining very high levels of stock because we want to be able to provide our customers with products whenever they require them for their own customers.”

Richard and his Aqua Warehouse Group team will once again be attending the fourth edition of the UK Pool & Spa Expo, which is commencing on November 22 and running to the Consumer Day on November 24, to meet existing and prospective L.A Spas and Vita Spa dealers and customers in the Birmingham NEC’s Pavilion Hall.

Aqua Spa Supplies will also be returning for its second outing as an exhibitor at SPATEX when the hot tub and pool extravaganza celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Ricoh Arena from January 31 to February 2.