Sam Collins takes the helm at Marquis

Leadership transitions at Marquis Corp have resulted in Senior Vice President Sam Collins being rewarded for exemplary commitment to the company and co-workers with the appointment to the roles of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Sam is a 35-year veteran of the famous employee-owned WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning manufacturing company currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. He commenced his relationship with the company straight from school and rose up through the organization; from the factory floor to supervisory and leadership roles in product development, manufacturing, supply chain, compliance and operations.

“I have a very strong commitment to the Marquis brand and what that means to our employees, our dealers and our end consumers,” reported Sam, pictured, after the news broke of his next chapter with Marquis as he heads towards four decades with the company.

The board of directors at WEXCO Inc., the parent company of Marquis Corp., have made the announcement at part of the planned transition of leadership at its factory headquarters in Independence, Oregon. While Sam immediately takes on his new positions, former President John Schrenk retains the position of Chief Executive Officer for Marquis Corp and also now take on the new role of CEO for WEXCO Inc; while long-time industry leader Jeff Kurth remains Chairman of the Board at WEXCO.

“Sam is uniquely qualified to lead Marquis as he has excelled at his assignments over his long tenure with the company, contributing to his extensive knowledge of our operations,” declared John Schrenk.

“He is admired by all of us for his creativity, exceptional skills, hard work, and exemplary commitment to his co-workers and our company.”

Nick Clamp

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