MAAX Spas launching extra production facility following demand boom

MAAX Spas is responding to a global boom in demand by launching a new production facility in Iowa that will begin Vita Spa and American Whirlpool swim spa operations this year.

The Arizona-based manufacturer that is famed for is ‘Appliance Grade’ designs, which feature Northern Exposure insulation technology, has revealed that it is preparing an additional production line location for Vita Spa and American Whirlpool swim spas at a 90,000 square foot facility in Ottumwa.

“MAAX Spas, a leading hot tub and swim spa manufacturer based in Chandler Arizona will begin swim spa operations by year-end in Ottumwa, Iowa,” said MAAX Spas President and General Manager John Johnson.

Vice President of Industrial Development at Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress Sharon Stroh has revealed that she is looking forward to MAAX Spas settling into the area and being part of its community on the banks of the Des Moines River.

“The executives of MAAX Spas have been great to work with and have been very candid with us about their interest in developing a strong manufacturing base here in Ottumwa,” reported Sharon.

Ottumwa Plant Manager for MAAX Spas Mel Messer is confident that swim spa production will commence before the end of the year, following structural upgrades, after the installation of new equipment and the current process of hiring and training of more than 50 additional employees from the local area is completed.

“We do expect to have swim spas rolling off the line before 2022,” divulged Mel.

Following the 2017 merger of MAAX Spas with American Bath Group, which created a powerful synergy between bath and spas in the process, the American Whirlpool ‘super brand’ was launched in 2018 and dealers in the UK currently include leading USA brand specialist 1 Stop Spas that has WhatSpa? Professional 2021 status showrooms in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

A network of Vita Spa dealers is currently being served by distributor Aqua Warehouse Group that supplies Cornwall-based WhatSpa? Professional 2021 retailer Spyrys Spas and Hot Tubs with Vita Spa hot tubs and swim spas and the Covana range of automated cover systems.

Alex Clamp

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