Manufacturing transfer to shared Nevada location

Marquis Hot Tubs manufacturing is now being conducted in Nevada to take advantage of logistical and production benefits at the facilities that create the Artesian Spas hot tubs and TidalFit swim spas.

Both brands are owned by Monomoy Capital Partners, which has recently gained top buyout firm status, after gaining award-winning status popularity in the international market and the UK with their ‘Made in the USA’ credentials and WhatSpa? Best Buy Award and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning status. It has been reported that the new location for rolling out popular Marquis designs is deemed as more cost effective with the advantage of logistical benefits and leaner production capabilities in the shared Las Vegas location.

As part of the announcement 115 workers at the Independence site in Oregon, which has been responsible for the WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Summit model from the Crown Collection, pictured, will be laid off while some of the existing staff members are being retained to continue business operations, such as accounting duties.

Marquis CEO Rick Gallagher revealed that the summer relocation move to the factory in Las Vegas will provide logistical advantages.

“There’s some really challenging freight expenses,” divulged Gallagher; “That are better for us in the Las Vegas location.”

“About 35 team members currently in Oregon will remain in Oregon, including our engineering and accounting teams.”

Those involved in production have been provided with the possibility of relocation but Rick revealed that is not a possibility for many with established families in the area.

To celebrate its 1,100 Make-A-Wish® donation milestone earlier this year, Marquis launched a limited “In the Spirit of a Wish” campaign with discounts on the Crown Collection Spirit and Wish hot tub models at participating dealers.

Monomoy Capital Partners, which has also acquired the Nordic Hot Tubs brand, has meanwhile been ranked as the top ‘Performing Buyout Firm’ by PitchBook after receiving a 90.1 performance score that was 16 per cent higher than the second ranked firm Clarion Investors.