Master Spas promotion rewards growth support

Master Spas has announced an addition to its executive team with the promotion of Julie Hess to Vice President of Human Resources ahead of further productivity expansion after doubling employee numbers to meet growing demand.

Julie has been with Master Spas for eight years; in which time she has most recently been conducting duties as Human Resources Director and as part of the promotion announcement Master Spas President Terry Valmassoi has revealed that her dedication has been instrumental in supporting the company’s employment figure to be doubled during the past year.

After a period of extensive productivity expansion and major employee recruitment that is continuing ahead of further swim spa manufacturing developments, Julie joins Terry in the executive team that includes Master Spas CEO Bob Lauter, Executive Vice President Sam Badiac, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kevin Richards, Vice President of Engineering Nathan Coelho, and Vice President of Manufacturing Mike Rees.

“Her hard work, talent, and dedication to excellence at Master Spas has helped us to manage our growth and achieve our goals,” explained Terry Valmassoi; “With her leadership in developing an outstanding Human Resources team, Master Spas has become an employer of choice in our community.

“Through the amazing effort of the entire team, we have been able to double our employment level this past year, which is an incredible accomplishment.”

Since May 2020, Master Spas has grown its team from around 600 employees to 1,200. The company, which is supplying Blackpool-based Master Spas specialist The Hot Tub Superstore and a fledgling Master Spas UK retailing network with WhatSpa? Best Buy, WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy and WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning designs,  has also launched an initiative to hire 100 more employees. These new members of the growing team will fill the company’s current operating lines, as well as a second shift in its specialist Rotomold factory.

In addition, Fort Wayne-based Master Spas is planning the expansion of its swim spa factory, which is expected in early 2022, that is set to increase the workforce by a further 160 employees and to further strengthen its formidable position in the wet leisure market as the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer.

“This is an exciting time for Master Spas, and I’m honoured to be a part of the amazing executive team here,” divulged Julie Hess after her promotion to the executive board.

“The people of Master Spas make our success possible. I’m excited to lead our human resources team as we continue to recruit members that will support and fuel our growth.”

To boost its fledgling UK dealer network, which includes Scotland’s Grizzly Bear Hot Tubs and a dedicated new showroom in Nottinghamshire launched this year by 1 Stop Spas, Master Spas has been highlighting its impressive ‘made in the USA’ productivity credentials and exclusive dealer opportunities with competitive margins for hot tubs and swim spas.

These include the state-of-the-art Michael Phelps Legend hot tub designs and Michael Phelps Signature swim spa range, as well as the WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning Getaway hot tub options that provide hot tub holiday companies with top quality HSG282 compliance.

Alex Clamp

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