MySpa delivering ‘sleeping giant’ distribution

Jacuzzi Group UK and MySpa Distribution have announced a new commercial agreement that will see the experienced Leicestershire-based MySpa team take over the exclusive distribution of ‘sleeping giant’ Sundance® Spas in the UK from January.

MySpa owner Andy Wroot is currently celebrating the remarkable milestone achievement of working 25 years with Sundance® Spas and, together with his wife and business partner Laura, is now making final preparations to officially relaunch the globally-recognised WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning brand and its innovative product range that includes the 2023 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning McKinley, Optima and Aspen models.

Ahead of the Sundance Spas distribution announcement, MySpa; which has multiple WhatSpa? Professional and WhatSwimSpa? Professional showroom locations including MySpa Leicester at the Dobbies Garden Centre, in Loughborough Road, Leicester; has been running a promotion of the MS25 Sundance Spas Special Edition model, to celebrate the 25th anniversary with Sundance Spas, with a £9,999 price tag.

The MS25 is a limited production model, based on the Sundance Spas most popular non-lounge design, and is only available in the colour combination of Platinum/Vintage Oak. It features a deep, full-body immersion seat, SunScents aromatherapy delivery sytem and MicroClean Ultra water management system.

As part of the Sundance Spas distribution agreement announcement, Andy and Laura have highlighted that Sundance Spas is currently a ‘sleeping giant’ in the UK and that their unique insight, knowledge, and expertise with the brand; stretching back a quarter-of-a-century; will now be available to existing and prospective hot tub retailers. 

They have also revealed that MySpa Distribution will be hosting a launch event for existing and prospective retailers in the New Year to provide a showcase for the new look 2024 Sundance® Spas product ranges.

In a joint statement Andy and Laura said: “With our own success retailing the Sundance® Spas range over the last 25 years, and indeed its continued growth and popularity throughout the world, it is the sleeping giant in the UK, which we feel offers like-minded retailers a fantastic opportunity to perfect their range and grow their business.

“We have some incredible new product innovations coming to the UK shortly and are fully energised to work with existing retailers and find new partners, sharing our frontline sales experience and drive growth for Sundance® Spas retailers in 2024 and beyond.”

Jacuzzi Group UK Business Development Director Andy Bewicke has highlighted Andy and Laura’s passion and loyalty for the Sundance Spas brand and also promised full support from Jacuzzi Group for the new distribution arrangement.

 “We are excited to be able to provide Andy and Laura, and their team at MySpa, the opportunity to take Sundance® Spas forward in the UK,” divulged Andy Bewicke,

“Sundance® Spas is a key brand for Jacuzzi Group that offers unique features and technology. We know Laura and Andy with their unwavering loyalty and passion for the brand, will be the right people to build and support a strong network in the UK, providing the focus and attention it deserves.

“We will fully support them and look forward to seeing how they re-establish one of the biggest names in hot tubs globally, to the UK market.”