Plunging into cold tub market

Wellis has entered the expanding cold water therapy market with the launch of its versatile Iceland Cold Plunge Tub that has cool or hot temperature flexibility.

Incorporating a single seat to recline in and coming in at 220 x 109 x 76 cm with a weight of 200kg and a 530L water capacity, the ‘plug and play’ Iceland Cold Plunge Tub can provide Cold Water Immersion (CWI) or heated water therapy. The Iceland Cool&Heat pump is capable of cooling the water down efficiently to 2°C, while operating temperature ranges are stated as being between -5 °C to 43 °C.

Wellis; which has achieved 2024 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning status for the Prague Life, Palermo Life and Kilimanjaro Life models,  as well as 2024 WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award accolades for the Amazonas W-Flow, and Rio-Grande W-Flow; has proclaimed that the product can cool 100 litres of 23 °C water down to 5 °C in as little as one-and-a-half hours, at an outside temperature of 15 °C.

With a heating COP value of 4.05, it can deliver 2.1 kW of energy from 500W of absorbed energy. Settings can be easily adjusted using the control unit that is equipped with a digital display or through the digital application via a smartphone, even from remote locations.

Ensuring perfect water clarity is the OzmixTM system that provides 20 per cent fresher water when used with the appropriate amount of chlorine, compared to traditional systems. It has a Thermo Cover and also incorporates new LIFE Scandinavian insulation with 1.4in of POLYFOAM boards that have been installed into the Iceland Cold Plunge Tub’s holding frame gap-free, instead of fastening them to the outer casing. In addition there is a heat mirror foil that reflects the internal heat produced by the pumps.

Produced with ice white acrylic and a grey cabinet, the Iceland Cold Plunge Tub also has an LED glow at night with Central LED Lighting installed inside and Corner Lighting on the outside panel.