Promotion to Master Spas President

Master Spas has announced that Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kevin Richards has been promoted to President of the global hot tub and swim spa manufacturing giant.

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Indiana-based Master Spas that is currently creating next generation product lines, Kevin has made significant contributions to the culture of innovation at the company, driving growth and displaying a commitment to customers. Now, in the role of Master Spas President, he will continue to oversee the marketing and sales efforts while also leading the executive team to meet and exceed corporate goals.

Kevin, who is a Connecticut native, has been with Master Spas for 28 years and has been a valued part of the executive team for the past ten years, serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He also has served in various capacities over his tenure, beginning in production and later working in customer service, retail sales, and National Sales Manager roles.

During this time Master Spas has continued to gain international success with a wide range of hydrotherapy and aquatic fitness products that have achieved WhatSpa? Best Buy Award, WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award, and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning status, including models from the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas and Hot Tubs ranges. The latest Chilly Goat cold tubs from Master Spas have also been endorsed by the record-breaking Olympic swimming icon.

“I’m incredibly excited to take on this role, especially at such an exciting time for Master Spas,” revealed Kevin; “Our team is creating the next generation of Master Spas hot tubs, swim spas, and Chilly GOAT cold tubs to help people live life better.

“It’s an honour to contribute to our mission of enhancing well-being and I can’t wait to see where we can take Master Spas next.”

Kevin succeeds Terry Valmassoi, who has served as President and CEO. He will remain in his role as CEO to continue his dedicated leadership of the company that has a flourishing network of UK dealers supported by Blackpool-based The Hot Tub Superstore.

This year the dealer network will be able to promote the fact that the Master Spas MP LSX 900 from the Michael Phelps hot tub range has achieved a 2024 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award in the £15,000 to £19,999 price range. Additional Best Buy Awards have been bestowed on the entry-level Master Spas Balance 6, in the sub-£6,999 price category; the Master Spas Legend 7, in the £7,000 to £9,999 range; and the Master Spas Twilight TS 8.2, in the £10,000 to £14,999 price category.

“Kevin is one of the most experienced and talented people in our industry,” divulged Terry; “He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a creative mind for innovation, marketing, and continuous improvement.

“As part of our executive team for more than a decade, Kevin has proven his ability to solve problems, embrace change, support our dealers, and work with our teams to meet and exceed our goals. 

“With Kevin’s vision and leadership, I am confident that Master Spas will continue to grow and lead the industry into the future.”