Sauna launch ahead of SPATEX

Sunbeach Spas is turning the heat up on the promotion for a new range of saunas as part of showcasing hot tubs and outdoor product options during a successive appearance as an exhibitor at SPATEX.

The Mansfield-based hot tub and swim spa distributor is rolling out the launch of sauna designs with the choice of 6kW or 9kW options, as well as a 16kW wood fire option to coincide with another outing at the Coventry Building Society Arena for SPATEX 2023, which includes a new recruitment initiative to attract dealers to promote and supply the rustic saunas to their customers.

As part of its exhibitor platform, Sunbeach Spas will also be promoting the flourishing Oasis Spas range, which has already made a big impact in the market with its energy-efficiency technology thanks to the cost-saving R18+ insulation.

Ahead of SPATEX 2023, running from January 31 to February 2, Sunbeach Spas has also been promoting iNHEAT hot tub heat pumps after being bestowed with a WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award for the four-seater Sunbeach Spas SB344S hot tub model, and revealing that the previous year was one of contrasting results.

“It had ups and downs but over the course of the year we have strived to make this year the best it can,” reported a Sunbeach Spas spokesperson.

“Our forward thinking mindset has improved not only ourselves, our dealers’ experience, but also the hot tub industry as a whole.”