Sunbeach Spas preparing for extra demand wave

Sunbeach Spas have just launched a new third warehouse facility to prepare for an extra wave of demand from prospective hot tub and swim spas customers with the introduction of models from the Oasis Spas brand.

Mansfield-based Sunbeach Spas has been building up a presence in the British market and has introduced an additional warehouse facility to continue the momentum with greater choice and extra hot tub and swim spa designs from the Oasis Spas range, as well as its own new SPA388DL hot tub model that has been designed in the UK.

With hot tub and swim spa sales booming and extra waves of new customers expected in 2022 and demand outstripping supply, Sunbeach Spas has acted to create new storage space and a greater choice of models to provide current retailing partners, including Yorkshire Hot Tubs, with more options and to entice additional companies to join its thriving dealer network.

Sunbeach Spas, which has gained WhatSpa? Approved 2021 status and critical acclaim for its designs, including WhatSpa? Best Buy, WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy, and WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy accolades, are now spearheading the launch of Oasis Spas UK to provide extra choice for dealers and their prospective customers who seeking established designs from options that are proclaimed as being the ‘ultimate in hot tubs and swim spas’ and that feature an upgraded acrylic shell and high quality foam insulation.

Among the new Oasis Spas hot tub options that Sunbeach Spas has been promoting to launch the brand in the UK is the Oasis Spas five-seater R-371 model that incorporates twin loungers within its design. The Oasis Spas swim spas include the dual-chamber Oasis Spas AS-60D model, which also has twin lounger seats incorporated within the hot tub area of the design.

Meanwhile, a new SPA388DL model has been designed in the UK by the Sunbeach Spas team that has reported it will have the right number of jets, waterfalls, and fountains, as well as three pumps and an award-winning R10 insulation to ensure it is an attractive option for prospective customers.

Along with its flourishing domestic options, Sunbeach Spas has been gaining success in the hot tub holiday market with its designs that include the WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning SB 334S, which comes in at 215 x 180 x 80cm and incorporates four seating options within its compact design that is promoted by hot tub holiday specialist Yorkshire Spas at its new showroom at Unit 3, Windmill Industrial Estate in York.

Alex Clamp

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