Super SpaWer heating partnership

1Stop Spas has forged a new partnership with Poolstar to provide customers with water-heating benefits and extra cost-saving capability by linking their hot tubs with super power SpaWer products.

Among the key benefits of the R32 Ozone Friendly 5kw Poolex SpaWer products, which were showcased during SPATEX 2023 by 1 Stop Spas and Poolstar representatives, is the ability to radically reduce energy consumption while operating at low temperatures. To eliminate the visual impact of installing the heat pumps next to a hot tub there are SpaWer options that can be installed and operated within SpaWer Steps, due to their small frame and ventilation design.

With the incorporation of full inverter technology and control through a large integrated remote touch screen and WiFi connection, the SpaWer IceSpa, pictured, has the ability to operate in the most extreme climate to ensure hot tub water can be primed to optimum temperature even in the middle of snow peaks with temperatures down to -25°C. Super cost-saving capability of the full inverter technology also ensures heating power with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 80 per cent.

It also has an automatic de-icing capability and the ownership assurance of a 15-year Titanium Coil Warranty Against Corrosion, a three-year Heat Pump Warranty and a seven-year Compressor Warranty.

Promoted as an ultra-compact and efficient heater, the SpaWer O’Spa can operate down to -7°C and has reversible hot and cold functionality, along with automatic de-icing capability. Hybrid technology is incorporated within the SpaWer Hy-Spa, which has a heat pump and integrated heater that operates down to -20°C. It also has automatic de-icing capability, reversible hot and cold functionality, along with the benefit of control through a WiFi connection.

There is a ten-year Titanium Coil Warranty Against Corrosion on both the O’Spa and Hy-Spa products. In addition, the O’Spa has a two-year Heat Pump Warranty and five-year Compressor Warranty, while the Hy-Spa has a three-year Heat Pump Warranty and seven-year Compressor Warranty.

“We are very excited to be introducing these advanced SpaWer products to our showrooms and prospective customers because of their key benefits of being able to run at low temperatures and reduce hot tub running costs,” revealed 1 Stop Spas Managing Director Chris Brady.

“They also have the extra benefit for owners of being able to be installed out of sight within the SpaWer Steps.

“As a trade we need to be joining together and promoting the fact that the latest technology ensures that top quality hot tubs have never been cheaper to run and with additional heating accessories, like the SpaWer products, the running costs can be radically reduced by up to 80 per cent.”