New Spa Safe control panel hits holiday park market

Hot tub product specialists Sunbeach Spas are helping holiday park customers take greater control of their hot tubs with a dedicated Spa Safe control panel cover that eliminates tampering and enhances operational safety.

Mansfield-based Sunbeach Spas, which has its own WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning range of hot tubs that has been bestowed with a 2021 Best Buy Award for the four-seater Sunbeach Spas SB344S that comes in at 215 x 180 x 80cm,  analysed data from fault calls logged during the previous year and highlighted a common issue that resulted in complaints was users believing the hot tub was faulty when in reality they had inadvertently altered the settings.

This data discovery inspired Sunbeach Spas Director Wayne Green to get to work on designing a solution and the result has been the development of Spa Safe, which can be fitted to Balboa control panels for immediate restriction of control functionality.

Once fitted, Spa Safe, pictured, ensures holiday accommodation hot tubs will benefit from significantly reduced levels of technician call-outs by preventing customers from accidentally pressing inappropriate control settings. It critically stops users instinctively raising the hot tub temperature on arrival at their hot tub holiday accommodation.

By restricting users from accessing the control menu Spa Safe also prevents them unwittingly putting the hot tub into ‘Low Range’, ‘Rest Mode’ or similar settings. This would result in water temperature decreasing overnight, which may lead to customer dissatisfaction as they falsely assume the hot tub is faulty.

While helping to eliminate complaints and negative comments being posted on review sites and social media platforms, Spa Safe’s safety feature of preventing users from creating a health hazard of raising the hot tub’s temperature beyond recommended limits also has the extra benefit of increasing the cost-effectiveness of running the hot tub.

“One thing that cropped up time and again was a user thinking there was something wrong with their hot tub, when really they had changed a setting to something they didn’t intend to, or didn’t understand,” divulged Wayne, who is also helping to spearhead the company’s environmentally-friendly Go Green initiative.

“This got me to thinking – if this is a problem for people who have a copy of the manual for the panel, wouldn’t it also be a problem for those who don’t – like at holiday parks? A few phone calls later, and it was confirmed – this was a significant problem for our holiday park clients, too.”