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UK Pool & Spa Expo 2014 is delighted to announce the return of the NEW PRODUCT ZONE to the February event.

Following the huge success of this feature at the previous show many Exhibitors have already confirmed their support for this area and will be using UK Pool & Spa Expo 2014 as their primary showcase for new products and technologies in the first quarter of 2014.

Confirmed to date, LATICRETE, Spa Euro, La Motte, ITS Europe,  Aqua Warehouse, Vita Spa, Physiotherm, Creative Ceilings, Dryden Aqua and Artesian Spa are just some of the companies that will be unveiling new products and technologies at UK Pool & Spa Expo 2014.

Spa Euro – Spa Euro will be showing for the first time in Europe their VacuSeal Cover Lifter. This revolutionary product provides both a hot tub cover and lifter combination. The product is easy to use, more energy efficient, lasts longer and adds safety. Full details of the product can be found at, however, to see this product for the first time ever in Europe then visit the NEW PRODUCT ZONE at UK Pool & Spa Expo 2014.

LaMotte– LaMotte Europe  will be introducing and demonstrating the NEW Portable WaterLink Spin-Lab  in the ‘New Product Zone’ and on stand 302. The Portable Water-link Spin is a revolutionary professional water analysis laboratory that can achieve a full suite of water analysis in just 60 seconds. With just one sample of water the Water-link Spin measures pH, total chlorine, free chlorine and 7 other parameters of water chemistry and generates a full recommendation based report. Specifically designed for the Pool Service Engineer, the Portable Water-link Spin is faster, simpler and more accurate than anything that has gone before in the pool and spa water testing market. Utilising Bluetooth technology, the portable spin delivers test results directly to the engineer’s android device. With 3G or wireless connectivity on-site the Pool Service Engineer can also have fast access to Cloud based Spin-Lab software which allows a full recommendation report to be sent to the Engineer’s android within seconds. On stand 302 LaMotte Europe will be giving ten minute presentations on the WaterLink Spin Lab throughout the day. Visit the special customer presentation area of the LaMotte Europe stand.

Physiotherm – Austrian based Physiotherm recently opened this first UK store in London. Physiotherm will be showcasing their range of infrared cabins at UK Pool & Spa Expo both on their stand and the NEW PRODUCT ZONE. The cabins, which are already hugely popular in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are unique in that unlike a regular sauna which heats the air a physiotherm infrared sauna heats the body and therefore guarantees a gentle and soothing session without stressing the skin. Full details of Physiotherm products are available at

Creative Ceilings – Creative Ceilings have combined radiant heating film with a stretched ceiling to create an exclusive “Radiant Heated Stretched Ceiling System”. The room is surveyed and a heat loss calculation is made and measurements are taken of the ceiling. With this information Creative Ceilings accurately calculate the exact amount of radiant heat film to install. An acoustic and thermal barrier is installed to the existing ceiling, onto that is secured the radiant heat film, the electrical connections are made and the thermostat installed and finally the stretch ceiling is installed to complete the maintenance free perfect ceiling. For full details of this products visit them at UK Pool & Spa Expo 2014 or visit

Artesian Spa – Artesian Spas will be displaying the new 853L DX within the New Product Zone.  This is the first double lounge model introduced to their popular South Seas Spas range.  There are two spacious lounge seats, comfortably facing one another at opposite sides, each attached to a different powerful therapy pump for added personal control.  It also features a relaxing waterfall and a beautiful multi-colour LED lighting system that creates the perfect night time ambience.  There are many other fantastic features within this spa and to find out more, please visit both the New Product Zone and Artesian Spa stand 490 at the show. Artesian are also officially launching a revolutionary new spa purification system and three brand new and exciting hot tubs at the UK Pool & Spa Show 2014!  These hot tubs have been designed to suit the requirements of a niche market, providing fantastic hydrotherapy in a bespoke size and shape, including a small 4 person model and a huge 8 person model.     You can also view a demonstration of Artesian’s brand new water purification system, Crystal AOP, any time throughout the show at stand 490.  You will never look at spa purification in the same way again!

ITS Europe – ITS Europe will be introducing The eXact iDip handheld photometer to market.

The new eXact® iDip™ is the first product in the recreational water testing market to provide complete wireless connectivity between the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch® and a handheld photometer. Data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices when paired with the eXact® iDip™ using Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology. For more information go to

VITA Spa – Vita Spa are showcasing Smartop, a one-of-a-kind design for spa covers.  With impermeable interlocking polymer panels this cover offers zero water retention and is odour free, it can withstand the harshest weather conditions and is durable and long-lasting.  The cover features an integrated hydraulic cover lifter making opening the Smartop a breeze and creating privacy and wind shield when open.  Additionally the Smartop is strong and very secure offering the user piece of mind.  Visit for more information

LATICRETE UK – LATICRETE UK are introducing Hydro Ban (TM) at UK Pool & Spa Expo, this single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane that can bond to a wide variety of substrates including copper, steel, stainless steel and PVC plumbing fixtures.  With an array of uses including pools, water features, show pans, spas, laundries, balconies and more.

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