Website creating wave of interest

News9National Leisure has teamed up with Doric Marketing to launch a new website to create a wave of consumer interest in a range of dedicated products manufactured under its own ‘Portland Pool Products’ brand.

The UK’s largest consortium of independent pool and spa professionals commissioned Doric Marketing Managing Director Dorian Davies to design the website to be consumer facing and a central information source for its portfolio of own products. These include water treatment chemicals and heat pumps.

Products now have dedicated online pages providing comprehensive information on benefits and specifications, as well as case studies from customers highlighting their experiences. The portlandpoolproducts. website also promotes a list of member outlets across the UK.

National Leisure Chairman Ross Morris believes the cyber space facility provides an invaluable retailing boost for the consortium’s members.

“We’re sure that it will be a great tool for current and future National Leisure members,” said Ross. “The consumer is encouraged to seek further information, which allows them to get into a relationship with a member and, hopefully, lead to a sale.”

Ross revealed that the project had been on hold, as suitable companies were being considered, before Dorian’s experience ensured it ran smoothly.

“Dorian conveyed the importance that whilst the site’s principal focus should be to inform and give value to a potential buyer, it should also be a productive marketing tool for National Leisure and its members,” said Ross.

“The added bonus we had with Dorian was his huge industry experience. We didn’t have to explain what a sand filter or a heat pump was. He was quickly able to focus on the unique benefits and write the copy from there.”

Nick Clamp

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