Wellis celebrates production milestone

European hot tub manufacturing leader Wellis has achieved the milestone of producing its 50,000th hot tub and launched a new factory provision near its main Hungary headquarters to help meet extra demand in 2021.

The Dabas-based family-run business is owned and managed by brothers Zsolt and Akos Czafik and now has increased its manufacturing capability to be able to produce 70,000 hot tubs a year. All of them are put through their paces with a full quality test and water test lasting one-and-a-half hours.

As part of its plans for supplying extra demand for hot tubs in the UK and throughout Europe a new Hungarian manufacturing facility in Ozd has been launched with 800 new employees to boost production levels of products for the commercial and consumer market and designs for the company’s Middle East customers, and fledgling presence in the USA market.


Alex Clamp

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