Dealer appeal after cyclists complete journey

Hot tub specialist Caldera Spas Scotland has reported that its coverage and sponsorship of a Lands End to John o’ Groats cycle team in aid of Chloe’s Chemoo Cows has so far helped raise £6,868.

Mark and Elaine McNeil’s continuous efforts to increase the funding and awareness for Chloe’s Chemoo Cows in memory of their daughter Chloe, who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and tragically passed away at the age of 11, have been boosted by the current total from the epic cycle journey that John and Yvonne Hamilton of Caldera Spas has provided vital sponsorship for and reported on along the way as part of their dealership’s tenth anniversary activities.

Along with his fellow cyclists, Stevie Gilmore, Gary Crombie, David Paterson, Gary Hardy and Berny Mullin, Mark McNeil completed the final 85-mile cycle to John o’ Groats after the team had breakfast with their partners in Tain at the Royal Hotal and commencing the 12th day of their journey, which has seen them cover an average of 70 miles a day with an average speed of 15mph.

John Hamilton was delighted to report that the cyclists had completed their epic journey safe and well and were hoping that additional donations would help to boost funds for Chloe’s Chemoo Cows, which has provided special gift boxes to over 300 children.

“These guys have put their heart and souls into the last 12 days to help everyday people that just need that little bit of extra help and a bit of TLC at a time of need,” said John.

“It’s things like this that bring people together in this day and age and it’s sad to say that sometimes people don’t get the help they need or the funding to the right departments that need it most and this is where a charity like this helps when needed most.

“So please help support this amazing cause.”

Details about making a donation to help support the efforts of Chloe’s Chemoo Cows can be found at the following websites