hot tub dealers

Safe standards spotlight in SPATEX schedule

BISHTA Managing Director Chris Hayes will be highlighting how the association has been supporting the safe standards of hot tubs and advocating best practices to members for two decades during a special SPATEX 2022 Seminar. Chris, who has been BSPF, BISHTA and SPATA Managing Director since 2008, will busy at the 25th live anniversary edition […]

Storage splash before SpaCare CMS seminar

Sunbeach Spas have been making a splash with promotion of the new Easy Step Drawers product as an optional add-on for all Easy Steps ahead of promoting the SpaCare CMS System at SPATEX 2022. The Easy Step Drawers option provides two plastic drawers, which fit neatly under the step treads and Sunbeach Spas is promoting […]

SpaBerry manufacturing and distribution deal

Superior Wellness has joined forces with SpaBerry as part of an official partnership to deliver new manufacturing and distribution services for the Canada-based hot tub brand. SpaBerry partners Jeff and Bruce Knight have announced the production and supply deal with the Superior Wellness team after establishing a North American Distribution Centre located in Calgary, Alberta. […]

Wellis promoting eco-friendly credentials

European hot tub and swim spa manufacturing heavyweight Wellis is gearing up for SPATEX 2022 after launching its ‘The Sense of Nature’ marketing campaign to help promote advanced eco-friendly technology and production credentials. Wellis has ramped up its production and warehousing capacity and is now in a stronger position than ever to meet the rapid […]

Launch of digital design showcases

Hot tub and swim spa specialists have a new online facility that can showcase their grand design installations to provide ‘in-spa-ration’ for future customers and illustrate the benefits of conducting projects professionally. For many years WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? magazines have been featuring lavish grand design hot tub and swim spa installations from wet leisure industry […]

Beachcomber promotion at SPATEX Virtual

Award Leisure is promoting a new opportunity for dealers to supply Beachcomber hot tubs as part of a dedicated booth at SPATEX Virtual that is highlighting special edition designs from the Canadian manufacturer. Family-run wet leisure and outdoor product specialist Award Leisure has utilised the online capability of the SPATEX Virtual exhibition hosted on the […]