Dealership expands ahead of 20th anniversary

Thriving hot tub retailer MySpa has ramped up its provision to prospective hot tub and swim spa customers by completely redeveloping its Leicestershire show site that has gained a five-star rating from Trust Pilot.

MySpa is the UK’s leading supplier of Sundance Spas and as part of the preparations for the 20th anniversary of being associated with the iconic USA brand the dealership is now spearheading the promotion of the revolutionary ‘next generation’ Sundance Spas 980 Series; as well as providing an even greater choice of options. These include additional WhatSpa? Best Buy Award and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning brands Marquis, Vita Spa, L.A. Spas and Wellis at the imposing Bentley’s Garden Buildings site, which also has a extensive display of hot tub enclosures and varying sizes of building structures on Loughborough Road, Wanlip, Leicester.

During nearly two decades as a Sundance Spas dealer the family-run company; with Andrew, Peter, and Laura Wroot heading up the MySpa team of industry professionals; has become a market-leading supplier and installer of the brand.

Thanks to annual growth and respected status in the market, the BISHTA member and WhatSpa? Approved retailer has amassed a long list of satisfied hot tub owners in the Midlands area and has now become a ‘must-visit’ destination for prospective hot tub and swim spa owners who are seeking to find the perfect pedigree model for their lifestyles; ranging in prices for the myriad of entry-level to high-level luxury designs, matched with the TrustPilot five-star rated quality customer service and an extensive experience of the industry.

“Not many dealers can say that they’ve got 20 years experience with a single brand and we’re very proud of this claim,” said Andrew; “And the fact that we’ve built up a reputation for providing five-star customer satisfaction, while constantly achieving the highest levels of service standards that are expected in this market from a respected BISHTA member.”

Due to its capability to provide a large selection of display and wet test models, MySpa is among an elite band of retailers that have gained a ‘superstore destination’ status and to build on this success the company has now launched a dedicated MySwimSpa counterpart division to cater for the growing consumer demand for swim spas.

There are now always over 20 hot tub and swim spa models on display; which are all available to wet test for prospective owners who can also make private pre-booked appointments.

While highlighting L.A. Spas, Marquis, Vita Spa, and Wellis this summer there is a special promotion of the newly-launched Sundance Spas 980 Series at the imposing show site. MySpa has been heavily promoting the eagerly-anticipated range’s introduction to the market and is proud to be one of the first dealers to showcase the debut of the new 980 Series Kingston model.

Coming in at 234 x 254 x 86cm, the Kingston has been designed to include integral ice coolers with illuminated removable lids and has received its inaugural WhatSpa? Best Buy Award in the 2017 edition of the consumer magazine

This stunning seven-seater hot tub has state-of-the-art exterior synthetic cabinetry with illuminated corners, touch screen control panel and smartphone integration for remote hot tub control and is set to entice both new and existing Sundance Spas owners to take advantage of the advanced technology and design features incorporated in the cutting-edge 980 Series range, which also includes the Claremont that incorporates a lounger seat in its design.

On the swim spa front, the most recent addition to the show site is the new WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy award-winning Marquis ATV Kona, equipped with the state-of-the-art Covana Legend automatic swim spa cover. This amazing model is endorsed by Ironman triathlon legend Dave Scott and provides one of the most powerful and smooth swim currents on the market.

A semi-sunken Vita Spa XL4 is sited inside a custom-built Lugarde swim spa building, with beautiful glazed sliding doors to show off how a swim spa can be housed inside an outdoor building; for the ultimate in seclusion from the elements and all-year round swimming. For those that prefer the open-air experience, an L.A. Spas In-Fit13 has been landscaped into a composite decking area with designer tempered glass balustrade.

To cater for prospective owners who require a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ dual chamber model, the cavernous six metre long Wellis Rio Grande Turbine is also included in the impressive display offering. The Rio Grande is equipped with the new Wellis W-Power Turbine propulsion system. This is capable of delivering a silky smooth swim current of between 50-160m3 water per hour, for ultimate control from a mere trickle to a torrent that has been launched to the market to provide a tough test for even the top ranking elite swimmers.

“Although we have a long history with Sundance Spas we want to be able to provide our prospective customers with a wide variety of hot tub and swim spa options from other brands,” explained Andrew.

Having such a large display provides prospective MySpa and MySwimSpa customers with the advantage of being literally ‘spoilt for choice’. This is a good problem to have, though, and one that the vastly experienced sales team have gained from over the years with a long list of satisfied customers who have matched their own unique requirements with the perfect product for their particular circumstances.

“We never pressurise prospective customers into a sale or to make a purchase from a particular hot tub brand, which is one of the main reasons we’ve been so successful over the years,” divulged Andrew.

“Our intention is always to provide the highest possible levels of service and best advice possible for every prospective customer’s budget, lifestyle, and individual hot tub requirement.

“That’s why we’ve expanded our display of hot tub and swim spa brands and models over the years to get to such a large number of options at our show site. So now, prospective owners can gain the best hot tub or swim spa for their lifestyle and installation project, rather than being under pressure to make a choice from a very limited selection.

“We also believe it’s important to be able to provide wet testing for prospective customers, and that’s the reason all of our display models can be wet tested immediately or during private appointments.

“If you’re going to be using a hot tub on a daily basis to gain hydrotherapy and wellness benefits, for example, then you need to have tested it out first to ensure your body fits the seats. If you’re a tall person then you will want to make sure that the seating is deep enough to ensure your shoulders are going to be under the water level.”