Hot tub manufacturer launches swim spas

European hot tub manufacturer Wellis is seeking British dealers to promote and supply options from its new swim spa range after launching five designs at the 20th anniversary edition of SPATEX in Coventry.

The Hungary-based manufacturer has been conducting a major European exhibition tour, including two 2015 outings at the UK Pool & Spa Expo at the Birmingham NEC that has now been renamed the Hot Tub Living Expo, and used its inaugural appearance at SPATEX to promote unique features in its latest hot tub product offerings and swim spa designs including the Rio Grande, which was on display at the Ricoh Arena, the Amazonas and its Amazonas Power counterpart, the Danube and the Danube Power.

Coming in at 5870 x 2300 x 1500mm, the Rio Grande, pictured, has been designed with a separate seating area that features a lounge seat and seating options for three other people. The three River Jets within the swim spa area have been incorporated by Wellis to provide a consistent and powerful water flow and complement a total of 58 jets. It has a LAING water circulation pump, double UV-C water sanitiser, and an Aromatherapy system.

The Amazonas and Amazonas Power both come in at 5460 x 2300 x 1500mm and have three seats opposite the swim jets within their respective swimming areas. The Amazonas Power lives up to its name with more jets than its counterpart. It has a total of 39 jets including three River Jets compared to the 37 jets and single River Jet within the Amazonas.

Likewise the Danube and Danube Power, which come in at 4000 x 2300 x 1500mm, differ in River Jets comparison. The Danube has just one River Jet while the Power version has a total of three River Jets to enhance the swim experience for owners.

All five swim spa models are being manufactured at the newly-launched Wellis factory close to its predecessor’s location in Dabass, and are constructed with a Stainless Steel Frame. They also incorporate Central & Exclusive Chromotherapy Lighting, and are supplied with a Thermo Cover.

During SPATEX Wellis representatives provided details of the new swim spas and the manufacturer’s ‘Made in Europe’ credentials along with UK distributor and Superior Spas MD Rob Carlin.

“We’ve gained a lot of dealers for this flourishing hot tub brand during the past year since we became official distributor for the UK and now we’re seeking to gain additional swim spa dealers for the new models that have been launched this year,” said Rob Carlin, who is among the Talking Heads in the latest edition of Hot Tub Retailer magazine.

“Retailers now want to be able to provide peace of mind to their prospective customers that the models that they are providing are from a reputable source. This is certainly the case with Wellis.

“I feel very fortunate to have become the exclusive UK distributor for this brand at a time when the market is flourishing. It’s a great time to be a hot tub or swim spa retailer because there is high demand from consumers who want products of all sizes and price points.”

Following an investment of five million euros at the manufacturer’s new production facility, Wellis CMD Akos Czafik attended SPATEX to help boost promotion of the brand that achieved 450 British sales last year as part of its total of 5,000 hot tub sales across Europe, which was a significant increased compared to the 3,500 total of 2014.

“We are now the largest Europe-based manufacturer and have launched our new factory facility to meet the growing demand for our products,” said Akos. 

“It is three times bigger than our previous factory site and now has the capability to help us provide more hot tubs and swim spas to the market.”