Hot Tub Living Expo

Revamped show opens without hot tubs

Hot tub distributors and specialist wet leisure companies who have previously exhibited at the UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo have not been lured to the new BodyPower: Fitness Trade Show. New Events, as part of a high-profile collaborating with their BP: Fitness Trade Show counterparts, had hoped that another reboot […]

Rebrand announced to hot tub specialists

Hot tub and wet leisure specialists who are planning to promote their products at Leisure Industry Week in September have been informed that it has now been rebranded as the BodyPower: Fitness Trade Show. This year the former UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo exhibitions run by New Events have been […]

New hot tub and swim spa promotion

European hot tub and swim spa manufacturer Wellis has launched its 2017 catalogue to promote a growing range of products and innovative new models ahead of its appearance at the 21st anniversary edition of SPATEX. The Voyager Spa, pictured in the new catalogue as one of the manufacturer’s many options that includes the WhatSpa? Best […]

Hot marketing advice for retailers

Doric Marketing chief Dorian Davies is urging hot tub and swim spa dealers to turn up the heat on their marketing provision for existing and prospective customers to combat any negative consumer reaction to price increases. One of the key elements of Dorian’s marketing advice is to outline ‘Goal Setting’ before taking the plunge in […]

Hot tub water care development

BAYROL wet leisure product distributor the Pollet Pool Group is preparing for an advanced mobile technology system to enhance hot tub care and help retailers increase the promotion of the SpaTime water treatment product range. Ahead of a consecutive appearance at SPATEX, BAYROL product and water treatment specialist Jimmy Lamb has revealed that the Pollet […]

Snapshot of booming wet leisure market

A snapshot of the booming wet leisure industry was provided by hot tub and swim spa distribution specialists who were aiming to extend their presence in the British market during the Hot Tub Living Expo. Poor weather conditions have previously blighted the former UK Pool & Spa Expo during the four previous events at the […]