Hot tubs for business advice

BISHTA has reported that it is making progress on future advice for companies utilising hot tubs in business settings with the possibility of revisiting HSG 282 guidance.

Following the continued popularity and boom in demand for hot tub holidays, BISHTA has revealed that work is continuing with colleagues at the HSE, and discussions are continuing as part of a collaboration with Forest Holidays, to better understand the water hygiene management regimes for hot tubs in business settings and spas in commercial settings.

“It is hoped to use the experiences of members (and the wider industry) to identify what is happening now and what may be possible to revisit in future guidance of HSG 282,” divulged BISHTA and SPATA PR & Marketing Manager Sallie Leslie-Golding.

“BISHTA is again looking to make further progress on ‘Hot Tubs in Business Settings’ with a follow-up meeting to be held in the Forest of Dean, courtesy of Ryan Birchnall and Forest Holidays.

“This will further develop the earlier discussions at Forest Holidays’ venue in Cropton, Yorkshire. One of the outcomes is to arrange some holiday park operator training.”

Sally also reported that discussions continue with BISHTA and SPATA members and the wider industry about supporting and promoting the ‘Selling Chemicals Responsibly’ Code.

Based on the recommendations from Lord Anderson, the Home Office reviewed the Poisons Act 1972 and recognised that there were ways that the existing controls could be improved, including by strengthening the obligations on retailers to report suspicious transactions.

After consultation with industry, suppliers, users and other interested parties, the Control of Explosives Precursors and Poisons Regulation 2023 was laid in Parliament in January 2023. The regulations add additional measures to the Poisons Act 1972, which comes into force on the 1st October 2023.

“It is vital that our industry is aware of its legal responsibilities and can advise staff about what they should and should not be doing,” reported Sallie, ”An article on this subject can be read on the BISHTA and SPATA blogs.”