Launch of digital design showcases

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Hot tub and swim spa specialists have a new online facility that can showcase their grand design installations to provide ‘in-spa-ration’ for future customers and illustrate the benefits of conducting projects professionally.

For many years WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? magazines have been featuring lavish grand design hot tub and swim spa installations from wet leisure industry professionals within the respective features of the consumer publications. Now there is a new opportunity to highlight the latest installation designs from dealerships that can be immediately accessed by prospective customers on their digital devices.

A dedicated ‘Design ideas’ section has been launched on the and websites to focus specifically on completed projects with appropriate photographic content to inspire future hot tub and swim spa ‘grand designs’ project planning. All images will be credited in the image caption to the company that provides them.

If you have completed hot tub and swim spa installation projects, with suitable pictures that you wish to be considered for publishing in the ‘Design ideas’ sections of the respective websites then please email them to Editor-in-Chief Nick Clamp at: