Product specialist tapping into demand

Thriving hot tub and swim spa product specialist Aqua Spa Supplies is aiming to capitalise on the booming demand for accessories and automated covers during its appearance as an exhibitor at the 21st edition of SPATEX.

Chelmsford-based Aqua Spa Supplies is part of the Aqua Warehouse Group that distributes the L.A Spas and Vita Spa ranges of hot tubs and swim spas and has ramped up its capacity to store wet leisure products ahead of a consecutive appearance at SPATEX, which is being hosted from Tuesday, January 31, to Thursday, February 2, in the Ericsson Exhibition Hall of the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

A new mezzanine floor at the Chelmsford-based warehouse has helped to increase storage capacity to help accommodate a myriad of products including the USA-manufactured End2End swim spa cover and the new Aqua Hand Rail, Towel Rail, Aqua Lift 3 and Spa Marvel water treatment, which will be promoted on the Aqua Spas Supplies stand during the special anniversary outing of the wet leisure extravaganza.

Members of the Aqua Warehouse Group team including seasoned SPATEX exhibitor Richard Hart will also be helping to promote the Covana range of automatic covers including the Oasis cover and an automated gazebo, as well as the innovative Covana Evolution hot tub cover.

The Covana Oasis is designed to be compatible with rectangular hot tub sizes from 2.11m to 2.36m; while the Covana Evolution has been produced for square hot tubs that are 2.11m to 2.43m; rectangular models, 2.43m x 2.74m to 2.43m x 3.35m; as well as round models up to 2.42m in diameter.

Both of the Covana systems can also be purchased with retractable shades and screens as options to create protection from the weather or additional privacy.

“We’ve seen a large increase in the demand for Covana systems,” said Richard.

“The Covana cover models we stock  have their own dedicated ordering process like the systems we’ve already implemented for the hot tubs and swim spas from L.A Spa and Vita Spas. 

 “Dealers who promote them in their showrooms are seeing positive results and enhancing their profit streams.”

Aqua Spa Supplies Warehouse Manager John Mabey will also be returning to SPATEX to help promote the company’s booming product lines, including the specialist ‘Aqua’ ranges, during the continued run at the Ricoh Arena.

John has reported that the attendance at high-profile exhibitions and previous recent editions of SPATEX has paid off and have helped to boost sales of products including the large selection of ducks such as the dedicated Aqua Spa Supplies Duck to promote convenient 24/7 ordering service, as well as the Hula Duck, Surf Duck, Life Guard Duck, and Mermaid Ducks.

During recent SPATEX appearances by Aqua Spa Supplies the promotion of the Grip O Cooler has become a popular addition to showroom displays of accessories.

Aqua Spa Supplies Grip O Cooler pictureThe Grip O Cooler, pictured, which has been featured as a ‘Hot Product’ in WhatSpa? magazine, ensures Champagne and wine bottles are kept cool, as well as up to four glasses secure, and is designed to stick to smooth surfaces such as hot tubs or any smooth non-porous surface.

“Our Grip O Cooler is doing really well,” said John. “We’ve certainly had success with it since we introduced it to our accessories range.

“By attending exhibitions to promote our Aqua Spa Supplies services and products we’ve illustrated that being proactive with promotional activities can reap rich rewards.

“Dealers are now realising that accessories are becoming a big part of the wet leisure market. Those retailers who are not embracing their potential are missing out on extra revenue streams that others are eager to pick up on.”

“They may not have the same high price tag as a hot tub or swim spa, but accumulated over time with the correct promotional strategy these extra items can all add up to provide considerable financial gains in the quieter months.”

To find out more about Aqua Spa Supplies and its growing range of wet leisure products and the Covana covers that can enhance your showroom’s profitability visit the Aqua Spa Supplies stand at SPATEX from 9:30am to 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9:30am to 4pm on Thursday.

For further details about SPATEX 2017 contact the SPATEX team via email: or or telephone directly on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.