Promotional top gear for Aqua Warehouse

Hot tub and swim spa distributor Aqua Warehouse Group is hitting top gear on the promotional front after visiting the British Grand Prix and hosting ‘Birds of a Feather’ stars for a special TV show.

Thriving wet leisure product specialist Aqua Warehouse Group has been promoting enhancements to the Vita Spa range and launching the American Whirlpool ‘superbrand’ to the UK market, after showcasing it to the trade at SPATEX 2018, and is now hitting top gear in the second half of the year following a ‘pit stop’ at Silverstone as special British Grand Prix guests of Dutch water treatment company O-Care.

“We had a fab day at Silverstone with some great people all sponsored by O Care,” divulged Aqua Warehouse Group chief Richard Hart.

“What a really fabulous company to do business with. I’m now planning a possible business trip to Holland, so I can spend more time with them.”

In May the Aqua Warehouse Group team also revved up their marketing activities ahead of the summer months with a massive stand at the National Flower Show at Hylands Park in Chelmsford and are now flying high on the publicity front after hosting actresses Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph, who are famous for their ‘Birds of a Feather’ TV roles.

Linda and Lesley, pictured chatting to Richard Hart while enjoying advanced Vita Spa hot tub hydrotherapy, visited the Chelmsford HQ of Aqua Warehouse Group for some of the filming for the summer edition of ‘How to Spend it Well: House and Garden with Phillip Schofield’.

As part of the one-off ITV special, Phillip road​ tested, rated and reviewed the big-selling items consumers will be buying this summer for their house and garden.

Also assisted by his wife Steph, as well as ​some famous faces and members of the Great British public, Phillip helped viewers decide how to spend their cash wisely​ when it comes to the minefield of consumer choice hitting the shelves during the summer months, covering everything from food and drink to the latest gadgets and essentials for indoors and outdoors​.

Former professional footballer turned presenter Chris Kamara worked up a sweat at a hot yoga studio, to pit a top of the range fan against a basic one to discover if the 17 times price difference is worth it; and Stacey Solomon and her sons Zachary and Leighton tested Phillip’s suggestions for the best garden games for ​under £50;  while the famous ‘Birds of a Feather’ TV duo helped to highlight the booming demand for hot tubs during their visit to the Aqua Warehouse Group HQ.

“It was a lot of fun and the girls were fantastic,” reported Richard.

This year the thriving network of hot tub dealers supplied by the Aqua Warehouse Group have also been boosted with multiple WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards; which have been achieved by the American Whirlpool and Vita Spa brands, from the Arizona-based MAAX Spas production facility, in the 2018 edition of the consumer magazine that is helping consumers to navigate through the hot tub purchasing process and draw up their short list of hot tubs before visiting quality dealer showrooms.

A WhatSpa? Best Buy Award in the £8,000 to £9,999 price bracket has been bestowed on the six-seater American Whirlpool AW271, which features a lounge seat in its design and comes in at 211 x 211 x 91cm.

The WhatSpa? Verdict states: ‘The AW271 is set to make a big impact in the mid-market lounger spa sector, boasting an impressive specification combined with beautiful styling’ and proclaims that it is ‘sure to be a major contender in 2018’.

Also incorporating a lounger seat, the six-seater American Whirlpool AW471, which comes in at 224 x 224 x 89cm, and has gained an inaugural WhatSpa? Best Buy in the £10,000 to £14,999 price category.

Within the WhatSpa? Verdict the ‘comfort collar’ seat is highlighted as being able to provide the ‘ultimate in neck massage’ and the Verdict also states: ‘The AW471 boasts advanced touch screen controls, a superb Bluetooth audio system, dual-level filtration system, enough underwater lighting to have a disco, plus topside backlit drinks coasters.

Last year the Vita Spa Voeux gained a WhatSpa? Best Buy Award accolade, but this time round a WhatSpa? Best Buy in the £6,000 to £7,999 price range has been bestowed on the five-seater Vita Spa Elegant, which incorporates a lounge seat and comes in at 211 x 200 x 94cm.

A successive WhatSpa? Best Buy Award in the £8,000 to £9,999 price range has also been achieved by the six-seater Vita Spa Prestige, which includes a lounge seat and comes in at 211 x 211 x 96.5cm.

The six-seater Vita Spa Cabaret, incorporating a lounge seat and coming in at 234 x 234 x 97cm, also gained a successive WhatSpa? Best Buy Award in the price category ranging from £10,000 to £14,999.

On the swim spa front, the Aqua Warehouse Group has plunged into promotion of the new Vita xStream models, which incorporate state-of-the art anti-turbulence technology, with an advertising campaign in WhatSwimSpa? that highlights that the xStream ‘combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms’.

Meanwhile, the Vita Spa XL4, which comes in at 4.27 x 2.28 x 1.27m, has gained a WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award in the sub-£19,999 price range in this year’s edition of the consumer magazine; while the Vita Spa XSP, which comes in at 5.01 x 2.28 x 1.35m, has been bestowed with a Best Buy Award in the £20,000 to £29,999 price bracket.

Combining seating for nine bathers, the American Whirlpool MB4, which comes in at 4.27 x 2.28 x 1.27m,  has been bestowed with an inaugural WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award in the sub-£19,999 price range; while the ‘flagship’ dual-chamber American Whirlpool DM8 model, which comes in at 5.54 x 2.29 x 1.35m, has also made its debut in the £20,000 to £29,999 price range of the Best Buy Awards roster.