American Whirlpool

Winter deals for 25th anniversary

Multiple hot tub and swim spa brand dealership Welsh Hot Tubs is celebrating a 25th anniversary milestone with special winter deals. Domestic customers and hot tub holiday businesses aiming to gain energy-efficiency and cost-saving benefits can take advantage of free fittings of air source heat pumps when purchased with a hot tub, as part of […]

Promotion of new Hoseasons partnership

1Stop Spas will be continuing a strong wave of success in the hot tub holiday market in 2023 as exclusive distributor for Tuff Spas after announcing a new partnership with Hoseasons. Following sales success during the past two years as UK distributor for the rugged and environmentally-friendly WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning Tuff Spas […]

Inaugural open day after partnership announcement

1Stop Spas has forged a new partnership with the UK division of the largest managed vacation rentals and holiday resorts business in Europe ahead of hosting an open day for hot tub holiday operators. During the past year 1 Stop Spas chief Chris Brady and his team have been ramping up promotion for the Tuff […]

Showroom ‘hat-trick’ for 1 Stop Spas

Hot tub retailing and training specialist Chris Brady has been rolling out distributor status for the Tuff Spas and Zen Spas brands ahead of launching a new Master Spas showroom to complement two retailing sites. Chris and his flourishing 1 Stop Spas team have been seeking professional dealers for the roto-moulded Tuff Spas and Zen […]

Hot tub treatment for returning nurse

Leading American Whirlpool and Marquis specialist dealership 1 Stop Spas has provided professional hot tub dealership treatment to a retired nurse who has decided to return to the NHS in its critical time of need. Following on from the national outpouring of gratitude to the NHS workers at 8pm on March 26, with the ‘Clap […]

Swim spa summer promotion plunge

Marquis retailer 1 Stop Spas is diving into promotion of the USA brand’s advanced swim spa range at a new flagship showroom in Sleaford before appearing as an exhibitor at the 152nd Heckington Show. Dubbed as ‘the UK’s largest swim spa supplier’ as part of dealership’s latest advertising initiatives, including the 2019 edition of WhatSwimSpa? […]