Retailing powerhouse helps BBC series

Hot tub and swim spa retailing powerhouse HotSpring World and its HotSpring South West outlet division has gained publicity for its products and services this week after helping the BBC TV series ‘Operation People Power’.

HotSpring South West’s Nik Miles took part in Monday’s edition of ‘Operation People Power’, which was entitled ‘Green Space’. It was the first of five episodes, hosted by Dave Myers who is one of the famous ‘Hairy Biker’s’, that are airing on BBC One every morning this week from 9:15am to 10am during the run up to Christmas.

The ‘Green Space’ episode of the show saw HotSpring team up with the Baggator Young People Project, which provides activities encompassing ‘Health’, ‘Art’, ‘Sports’, ‘Bicycle Maintenance’, ‘ICT’ and ‘Cultural Exchanges’, to transform a wasteland area at their centre building in a deprived Bristol area in Easton.

For the show, by Hungry Gap Productions for the BBC, HotSpring donated a fire pit from its accessories range as part of the transformation of the garden area of the Baggator centre that is playing a pivotal role in the lives of young people in the surrounding communities of Bristol.

During the last 12 years the Baggator Young People Project has been working in the local Bristol community and the TV show highlighted that it is currently helping to meet the concerns expressed by parents and their children for the provision of a friendly and safe out of school environment for young people.

Nik Miles revealed that he had rubbed shoulders with Dave Myers over lunch, and enjoyed working with Mark Millar of ‘DIY SOS’ fame and former ‘Pop Idol’ judge and TV personality Nicki Chapman who had helped to round up a large number of other volunteers to undertake numerous garden renovation tasks to ensure that the ‘Green Space’ episode was a success.

“I had a great experience,” reported Nik; “I got stuck in and helped out with loads of tasks such as clearing the ground, taking down trees, making the new landscape, laying the new paths and the list goes on.

“I also assembled the fire pit, which HotSpring kindly donated, ready for placement.By now everyone knew my name and I had several conversations building rapport with the main cast and crew even sitting down and having lunch with Hairy Biker Dave.

“Eventually I was able to light the fire pit and help get ready for the Big Reveal.”

hotspring-operation-people-power-working-pictureAfter the Baggator centre’s garden area was transformed by the volunteers, pictured, Dave Myers thanked everyone who had helped; and declared that the former overgrown wasteland would now be a focal point for the community.

“We’ve taken this wasteland and turned it into something truly beautiful,” enthused Dave. “It’s great for the community. It will encourage people to come in.”

Nicki Chapman added: “It’s going to be the most fantastic place for people to come.”

HotSpring World’s Lynda Smart revealed that the thriving HotSpring retailing operation was delighted to help such a worthwhile project.

“We welcomed the opportunity to get involved in this exciting project,” said Lynda; “As we have a personal interest in actively helping to improve the health and wellbeing of communities, especially those that help the youth, as this is an investment into all of our futures.”