Showroom ‘hat-trick’ for 1 Stop Spas

Hot tub retailing and training specialist Chris Brady has been rolling out distributor status for the Tuff Spas and Zen Spas brands ahead of launching a new Master Spas showroom to complement two retailing sites.

Chris and his flourishing 1 Stop Spas team have been seeking professional dealers for the roto-moulded Tuff Spas and Zen Spas counterpart models from the same Arizona-based manufacturing facility ahead of launching an additional ‘next generation’ exclusive Master Spas showroom in March at the East Bridgeford Garden & Home location, just off the A461, in Nottinghamshire.

Sleaford-based 1 Stop Spas, which also has a pre-owned showroom in Billinghay as well as a 1 Stop Spas Trade division that specialises in niche innovative products and is the official Spa Dolly distributor and supplier of HM Digital professional water testing products, has gained success in the consumer market with WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning American Whirlpool and Marquis hot tub and swim spa brands.

The company has also made a big impact in the holiday park market with dedicated WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning HSG282 compliant Marquis Holiday Park hot tubs, which include the 2021 Best Buy Award-winning five-seater Marquis Holiday Park Getaway, and the seven-seater Marquis Holiday Park Escape; from the employee-owned brand that has been celebrating its 40th anniversary during the past year with continued promotion of its ‘Made in America’ credentials.

After a year when the industry has been finding it tough to meet the unprecedented demand for hot tubs during the Covid-19 pandemic the expanding wet leisure product specialist has also become a Master Spas dealer for the Master Spas UK network, which is promoting the 2021 WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning HSG282 compliant Master Spas Getaway Lodge Series that was rolled out to the market last year.

An exclusive 1Stop Spas Master Spas showroom in Nottinghamshire will now create a ‘showroom hat-trick’ and be an extra feather in the cap of the company that has taken on the status of official UK distributor for the Tuff Spas range and its Zen Spas division of durable and lightweight roto-moulded designs to provide extra consumer choice this year for its thriving Lincolnshire new and pre-owned showroom presence and additional options for professional dealers who join the Tuff Spas network.

Tuff Spas; which includes the 2021 WhatSpa? Holiday Park Best Buy Award-winning four-seater TT250 that comes in at 196 x 153 x 75cm, and six-seater TT450 that comes in at 196 x 196 x 90cm, are famed for their extremely durable qualities and have been produced to perform in the extreme conditions of the deserts of Arizona and Nevada, as well as the sub-zero temperatures of Alaska. They have a lifetime structural warranty and are also manufactured with Blue sTUFF insulation produced from thermally bonded recycled denim to provide enhanced energy-efficiency and noise absorption.

Zen Spas, including the Escape, Getaway, and Sanctuary, are also rugged like their Tuff Spas counterparts and manufactured by utilising an advanced duralene polymer that ensures they are extremely durable and low maintenance for their owners who can benefit from slip resistant interiors, as well as various comfortable seating depths for all body shapes and roomy footwells.

“We’re very proud that we have been appointed as the UK distributor of American made roto-moulded brands Tuff Spas and Zen Hot Tubs,” divulged Chris Brady.

“We will be looking to set up a small, but talented, network of dealers around the UK who understand how to sell quality and the amazing unique selling features of the Tuff Spas range.”

An innovative Tuff Top Cover hardtop safety cover system, which has a lifetime warranty, also has unique durable features that Chris believes will make Tuff Spas popular with the thriving hot tub holiday park sector and businesses that want to ensure high returns on their hot tub investments.

The Tuff Top Cover is gasket-sealed for maximum efficiency and has a patented channel flow design that prevents water from pooling on top of the cover, which conveniently converts to a shelf when in the ‘open’ position to store drinks and towels; while the interlocking design provides greater security and eliminates the requirement for unsightly straps.

“The Tuff Spas are all HSG282 compliant and the Tuff Spas hardtop safety cover is ideal for holiday parks,” enthused Chris.

During 2020 Chris and his SpaTech Training team, which run a dedicated ‘BISHTA Hot Tub Operation in Holiday Parks and Homes’ training course for those in the hot tub holiday sector seeking HSG282 tuition guidance and certification, managed to host courses in a Covid-secure format.

These included the new Covid-Secure One Day Training Course with appropriate social distancing measures for the ‘BISHTA Water Hygiene Management Course’ that was hosted with the provision of individual desks, and individual sanitiser, as well as SpaTech Training mugs and spoons to use and then take away after the training course was completed.