Special showroom and hot tub endorsement

Aqua Warehouse Group has officially opened the largest hot tub and swim spa showroom in the south of England with the help of a special customer endorsement from the Mayor of Chelmsford.

To coincide with 20th anniversary celebrations and after 12 months of planning before an extensive renovation programme, the team at Essex-based Aqua Warehouse Group (AWG) celebrated with a special opening event at their 7,000sqft showroom site in Rignals Lane. It was attended by guests and customers including Chelmsford Mayor Linda Mascot, who revealed that her own hot tub from AWG has become a family favourite and is now part of a Christmas Day tradition.

“Our spa is a great focus for the family, especially the children,” divulged Cllr Mascot; “We’ve even got a bit of a tradition in the family that before lunch on Christmas Day we will all make sure we have been in.

“Winter is my favourite time of the year to use the spa, when it’s snowing or particularly cold, you can look up at the stars and it is beautiful.”

Cllr Mascot also declared that AWG’s expansion, which has doubled the size of the showroom floorspace and enhanced the capability to provide customers with 17 hot tub display models and seven swim spas on the premises, was testament to the strength of local businesses.

“I’m delighted that businesses are thriving in Chelmsford at quite a difficult time for the economy,” said Cllr Mascot, pictured at the opening ceremony with AWG Managing Director Richard Hart.

During the past 20 years AWG has built on its status as a Vita Spa distributor, with WhatSpa? Best Buy Award and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning designs including a 2023 accolade for the Vita Spa 700 Series Vivre hot tub, to become a multi-brand supplier and retailing specialist, while incorporating WhatSpa? Best Buy Award-winning Reef Spas, Remanso luxury pergolas and Energi Air Source Heat Pumps in recent years, after supporting thousands of customers to transform their gardens with top quality hot tubs, swim spas, and outdoor kitchens including the Sizzler Outdoor Kitchen.

This year hot tub and swim spa options from USSPA were promoted on the AWG stand during SPATEX 2023 at the Coventry Building Society Arena ahead of the showroom renovation to incorporate the first dedicated UK showroom display area for the Czech Republic brand that has been bestowed with a 2023 WhatSpa? Best Buy Award for the Momento hot tub from the USSPA Vibes range.

AWG chief Richard Hart has been instrumental in the success, which includes UK distribution of the thriving Covana automatic cover systems for hot tubs and swim spas, and revealed that he was delighted with the official launch of the new showroom and believes it will have a positive impact on the next generation of new customers.

“Our event was a massive success and I’d like to thank everyone who attended and helped put it on,” enthused Richard.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that our new showroom is open – it will allow us to display much, much more of all our amazing products, It’s taken a lot of hard work, and a lot of planning but I am positive it will be worth it.

“These are premium items, and people are making significant investments, so it is only natural that they want to test them before committing to a purchase.

“People want to look at what they are buying before they spend a lot of money, and even get in and wet test them. The extra space will be a massive help for us and be fantastic for our customers.”